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Living on Advil

Getting ready for camp. Finally read the directions about what to bring. Plenty of supplies in my stash, so I’m ready. I’m taking the last of my Christmas cashmere to make some wristlets. Maybe a small project won’t hurt my hands too much. I am taking Advil and trying not to knit. Battle lost!! At least I am resting every two rows.

Finished the top down raglan for older grandson. I love this sweater. I used a superwash dyed by Danette Taylor in her Purple Haze colorway and another superwash which was undyed. I swatched for a long time to find a pattern that allowed the beauty of the hand-dye to show. Just knitting muddies them all except, of course, the marvelous Noro. (It’s spun in the colorway rather than dyed.) Finally settled on a two row pattern: (1) K2, slip 1; (2) Purl. Changed colors every two rows. So simple and a great vertical effect on the horizontal rows. It looks like a rib only not as stretchy.

I’ll hang it at Charlotte Yarn to advertise my class in top down raglans.

Also on the needles–an original designed inspired by the multi-yarn cardigan in Leigh Radford’s book AlterKnits. It’s my World Cup Knitting project which will not be finished due to injury timeouts for overuse damage!!!!!! I’m using vertical darts in the fronts as well as short rows. The back will have the shallowest of darts. Don’t know what shape or length the sleeves will be.

Steve’s bicycle socks are underway. Had to buy needles from Bath, England. I really like Inox needles and needed size 0. Needles in Concord had them but they were just ignoring their website even though it was sending acknowledgements for orders. (New owner will take over in late July.) More on these later.

Judy Ditmore will be bringing yarn to sell to the Colorado Knitting Camp. I wish I had the control to leave my credit card at home. Don’t!


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