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Carpal Tunnel and Socks

It’s official–carpal tunnel diagnosed! Cortisone in both wrists and nerve test is scheduled. Surgery will follow. BUT . . . my doctor is a wonder. She is a former East Meck High student, a tennis player and — wait for it–a knitter. She was a fabulous teen and is even more awesome now. Chapel Hill, Harvard Med, Duke residency, and a sweeter girl you’ll never meet. Best of all–she never even hinted I should stop knitting.

Finished object for you is the pair of Socks That Rock socks I knit for DH. Again I am trying to enhance the hand-dye, so this time I knit his K3, P1 cuff with an extra step. Round 1, I slipped the first of the three knit stitches. Round 2, I slipped the 2nd. Round 3, the 3rd. Round 4, none. It mixed the colors nicely and gave the piece a bit more texture.

Also finished is the Mystery Stole #3, but I can’t block it until I uncover the guest room bed which can’t be uncovered until the bathroom is finished and –well, you get the point. I received an invite for another mystery stole group through Yahoo that I joined. It will start in October, so that’s the goal for blocking this one.

Finally on Ravelry where my username is jprater. I’ve put a few projects on there, but that will go slowly.

On the needles–The Harry Potter scarf, Brigit socks, new socks with Crystal Palace Maisy (corn fiber). I’m trying to avoid anything but wool for a few days, so that means felting. Easier on my wrists. I knit a large fair isle piece with 9 roses on it. I wish I knew what it was. Maybe a pillow top or the front of a bag. Oh, well, I enjoyed the knitting. I want to build up a bunch of felting and then have a go with the washer all at once.

Very tired from the cortisone which reacts on me like speed, so haven’t slept much. I’ll try to be more inspiring next time.


One Response

  1. I found your blog through Turtlegirl’s. You gave her good advice on her cap shawl.

    I like the socks! And the 3×1 rib with the slipped stitches might be the perfect thing for some recalcitrant LL Mother Lode yarn I have. Thanks for the idea!

    Sorry to hear you have Carpal Tunnel, but it sounds like you have a great doctor. I hope it all works out well quickly.

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