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Holly’s Einstein; Free patterns

Einstein Coat made of Noro Kureyon

This coat was mostly knit by my friend and knit student Holly. It was her first big project and has been on the needles about two years. Before the coat was finished, Holly developed some medical problems that have impaired her eyesight. She had invested so much time and treasure in this coat that I couldn’t stand to see it unfinished. I volunteered to add the sleeves and collar and the final finishing. Well, what with two hand surgeries, it took me forever to get it done, but I was determined she would wear it this winter.

I finished it this week and all of us at Charlotte Yarn had great fun in seeing Holly try it on. She was very pleased with it and I was so proud of her. After she left, Anne handed me a card from Holly. Holly knew I wouldn’t accept money from her, so she left some with Anne to give me after she left. Since I was stuck with it, I decided to do something special, something I had never done before. This morning I got online and sent the money to Hillary’s campaign–hence the new avatar in the sidebar.

I haven’t given up on Hillary’s campaign nor on my dream to see a woman president in my lifetime.

Not all knitters are women–are they Dave, JP, Michael? But knitting has brought me into a special world of women of so many varieties. Powerful, humble, compassionate, creative–and all generous and giving. Women are wired differently from men. We can do anything a man can do and vice versa, but we will probably go at it from a different viewpoint. I think this country needs this viewpoint. I’m shocked at how much this election means to me. It is a physical thing; I can feel this great wish in the center of my chest. The only other time I felt like this was when I was 16 years old and went door to door campaigning for Carl Sanders for governor of Georgia. Carl won; I hope Hillary does too.

For the non-political out there, I wanted to share these two patterns I tripped across. The first is socks and the second is wonderfully weird.




6 Responses

  1. That Einstein coat looks great! Good thing I didn’t see it BEFORE class today!

  2. The Einstein looks stunning – reflective of the work of love you put in and the efforts of Holly combined!

    LOVE the sock pattern – I may get to it sometime in between practicing fair isle and knitting backwards – maybe 😉 Thanks for an amazing class today!!

  3. That coat is gorgeous!!

  4. The Einstein coat is wonderful! I love the colors!

    And thanks for the sock patterns, I really like the Primavera one!

  5. The coat looks great! What a sweet gift to finish it for her. And I love the sock link 🙂 And totally agree about the Katamari – weird but cute.

  6. You are my hero.

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