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Muffalettas , More Yarn, and Latvian knits

Candace designed these lovely fingerless gloves or muffalettas. My picture does not do it justice. This is Shelagh’s finished glove. Wednesday night we met and purchased beads and received the pattern and some tips. The idea was that we would knit this on the bus to and from Brown Sheep. Well, I don’t really like Feather and Fan, and I like my gloves to really hug my hand, and I like a few less beads—-Surprise! I knit something different.
This is very influenced by Candace’s pattern. I offset the Feather and Fan at the beginning, but used her ending. I used an old lace pattern to design the bead placements, and the reverse (palm) side of mine is totally plain. The yarn is the real key. It is from Edie’s alpace Bo. So soft and warm you can’t believe it.

I had to buy some for Steve. This is a mix of Bo and Bart (pictured on the label). She had the processing mill mix the black and white fibers to create a gorgeous Oxford grey. Her phone number is on the label. You can only buy this yarn from her. Her internet store is under construction. Just call her; you will love her.

This will be muffalettas for Steve–if he is good.

Last yarn purchase of the trip. Handmaiden Sea Silk. Bought this at My Sister Knits in Fort Collins.

I guess this will be a shawl. After all, that was the focus of this year’s class and I have a design almost finished.

This is a group of knitters helping their friend destash. Anne is selling her Colorado house and needs to dispose of some yarn and patterns. As her friends, we tried to help.
I lucked into 10 balls of ecru Brasil for a shawl and 15 skeins of Classic Elite Newport Lite cotton which will become a sweater.

Finally, Linda’s Latvian collections. This is a top border for an ecru pair of socks.
A lace glove that is still sturdy.
Another sock top; the cuff was lace and the foot plain.
My favorite. I’ve used this braid as a cast on for a sock, but never thought of it in the middle of the pattern. Mary Ellen told me that she uses it as the Empire line in sweaters, particularly her Gansey cardigans.

This camp is so amazing because we learn so much from each other. Do yourself a favor: Go to camp.


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  1. thanks for sharing the pictures… they spark the imagination!

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