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Thoughts; new pattern progress

Looks like this might be the next pattern released. I had hoped it would be Top Cat but I am having some problems writing that one specifically enough. I like to write a pattern that helps you custom fit things to yourself, but sometimes that leaves a newer knitter a bit anxious. Kate, my trusty and excellent test knitter, has given me some food for thought and I plan to rewrite Top Cat a bit more specifically.

Above is Encircle, a collar or neck warmer I designed for the shop to show off the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk yarn. It needs a quick test knit and will be ready to go. It’s less bulky than most neckwarmers which makes it great for here in the South and perfect for Winter warming seasons up North. The key is a great button.

Knitting as jewelry has always been my favorite.

Here’s a non knitting treat for you.

From Zen Crafting

And, here are some words of wisdom from Lesley Riley’s Quilted Memories; Journaling, Scrapbooking and Creating Keepsakes with Fabric (2005):

Just because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would does not mean it isn’t any good.
Don’t be so critical of your own work. Don’t spend time fussing and fretting, just finish and go on to the next project. This was actually a valuable lesson my daughter taught me when she was two years old. I watched her draw (scribble) picture after picture without ever stopping to judge, criticize, or ask my opinion. It was obvious the joy was in the making, not the product. I have realized that with quantity you get quality.

I’ve been reading some non-knitting sites and have loved looking at pictures of paper art. The above quote just knocked me out. So often I react to a swatch as a failure, instead of as a new possibility for another time. I’m going to work on that.


One Response

  1. I’m so glad that you found that quote as helpful as I have! Since I read it, I have been looking at my own work with new eyes, and it’s been such a release of a burden to just continue to make and not get discouraged by the end result. Most times even what I would have considered a “failure” just becomes a component of another project.

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