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Second Blue Sock

You know I knit socks along with my sock classes.  I completed the first blue Sockotta sock using my own Estonian Button Stitch pattern as the class finished.

This time I had not knitting the second sock at the same time.  Danger, Will Robinson; Jane always has second sock-itis.  I just decided to knit a fraternal sock.  I was on my way to Georgia for a visit so had to come up with something out of my head.  This is it:

second blue sock1

And I learned something important.  Simple, but important.  I wrote about it on the 19th, but it  bears repeating with a picture–second blue sock2

when alternating yo, k2tog and k2tog, yo, all you must remember is to place the yarnover one stitch away from the old yarnover.

Again in this Magic Loop Sock class there was a great aha! from the students who had knit socks before with another technique.  This pic explains it and shows why I love this technique so much.

The big aha!

The big aha!

When you realign the sock from having all the top stitches (instep) on one needle and the bottom (heel) on the other to a position that places the loops at the center instep and center heel, you can SEE the area of the gusset that you need for pickup and decreases.  Huge difference–so much easier.

The other, smaller aha! is my pickup technique.  pickup gusset

Note where my thumb is.  Instead of pulling the stitch back through the fabric with the needle—and watching it slide off the point half the time— I keep the needle still and flip the fabric backward over the point.  Fabric bends and stretches.  Very easy.  No need to hunt up the crochet hook.  Try it.


2 Responses

  1. You know, you’re right. I think I do this without thinking about it sometimes. Moving the fabric does make it a lot less fiddly with those slick addis.

  2. Fraternal Sock! I love it!!!!!!

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