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Greek Fiber Pics

Back from an awesome week in Greece.  Did little knitting, but took these pictures just for you.  The first ones are black and white photos on the walls of the Folk Art Museum.  Kelly from Mt. Airy went with me and protected me when an adorable 75 year old historian tried to pick me up.  Just made my week.

BlogShe seems to be knitting with twigs.



blog5The cooperative effort in this picture reminds me of Guild when everyone helps everyone.

blog6She must be using flax to dress this distaff.

blog7No descriptions anywhere with these photos, but I loved them.

Folk Art MuseumDistaffsDistaffs

Folk Art MuseumKnit needle casesThese are carved needle cases for holding knitting needles.  If they really used twig like needles, they certainly need to protect them.

Folk Art MuseumspindlesSpindles and shuttles.

And now some Greek Art.

Art with spindleAn oil from the National Gallery.  No details.

Art Penelope with spindlePenelope who supposedly wove a tapestry during the day and then pulled it out at night so as to put off suitors while she awaited Odysseus’ return.  Nobody ever mentioned to me that she had to spin her own thread.  This sculptor seems to think so.

Didn’t see many knits in stores or even on people, but it was 96 degrees most of the time.  Didn’t visit any yarn shops.  Did that last visit and learned that they have no yarns you can’t buy here–cheaper.

Off to knitting camp Weds.  I’ll try to check in with FOs and OTNs plus any great new stuff I learn from Judy Pascale.


2 Responses

  1. Great pics, Jane! Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Ohhh that was so cool! I love museums like this! History History History!

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