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Knitting Guild Meeting

237275443v2_350x350_FrontThe Charlotte Knitting Guild met last night.  We had a terrific program on Color Theory, led by a former student of mine, Lindsey Goodwin.  I taught Lindsey English at Northwest School of the Arts.  She did a superb job of making a complex subject very approachable.  Lots of good visuals.

As I sat there, off the board of the guild after seven years, I was struck by how much growth this new group of officers has made.  It really began last year when Rachel was president.   She is so positive that she just planted lots of seeds of positive thinking; as a volunteer director, she really knows how to listen.  As the Teaching Fellows would say, she practices Deep Listening.  The increased attendance and the cheerful volunteering to help indicate to me that the board found the right mission statement for this group.  Much of the credit goes to Rachel’s listening skills.

The new president, Cristi, aka turtlegirl76, has put together a great board.  And she gets them to work.  Cristi started as secretary, then vice-president, and truly looked forward to being the president.   That’s the attitude you want in a volunteer organization.  She exudes the joy of knitting and makes everyone feel so welcome.

As the old guard sitting there last night, and as a not so positive voice for a very long time (burnout), I felt very lucky to know these people and to be part of this group.  I can’t wait to see who Jet will bring in each month for programs.  We already have the Knit Witch scheduled for October (I think).  I wanted so badly to see the guild grow to be able to host the glitterati of the knitting world.  This group is doing just that.  Charlotte deserves it.

If you tried the guild before and have since dropped out, come back and look at the new guild.  If you’ve never been, then go to the website and find out about us.  Join us the first Tuesday of September at Providence Baptist Church on Randolph Road.  If you have questions, just ask.

If you knit, you don’t want to miss out on the journey this group is taking.


One Response

  1. I have only been in the guild for a year and a half, but I value the meetings! The color theory lecture was fun, even though I’m “color blind” (C. V. V.)

    running any volunteer org is tough and leads to burnout… (hello, HOA!) so lots of turnover in the leadership is or can be a good thing. I’m glad that I found your blog…

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