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Knitting is like jazz

—sometimes you need to improvise.

I found a Lattice Stitch sock in the new addition of Cast On (TKGA).  I liked the look and it was hand dyed yarn, so I started it.  It had a chart.  I’m an expert.  I didn’t need to read no stinkin’ pattern.  Well, let’s have a look.002Divide the cuff into thirds.  I’ll wait.

Starting with the marked and moving up we have the part where Jane just looked at the chart and knit away.  You can almost see the pattern in this picture, but not in real life.

Jane thought a bit and decided what was needed was slipped stitches every other row.  She started this and indeed it looked a bit better.  See the middle third.  Still not good enough.  Jane resorted to reading the pattern.  The pattern called for slipped stitches every other row.  Duh!  Still not good enough to suit me.

Time to really improvise.  And I did. I combined some slip stitches with some twisted stitches and I really love the result.  So I am writing my own pattern which will include a tutorial on this lattice stitch pattern.  You know how slow I am at getting out a new pattern, and I’ve given you hints.  Try and figure it out on your own.  Or better yet, volunteer to test knit.

Today was Evan’s birthday party.  He’ll be four next week.  G-dad dressed for the party theme.

010Evan wanted a Darth Vader party.  He has never seen Star Wars and has no idea who Darth Vader is, even insists he must be a good guy because he was part of Timon’s party.  Timon is older.  All the little boys went crazy over the mask and the cake.  None of them know who Darth Vader is either.  Ah, the innocence of youth.


One Response

  1. I love the improv – definitely improves the contrast! I saw that pattern too, and thought I’d try it soon. I’ll have to remember to try my own ‘improvements’ on it when I knit it.

    My 6yo loves Darth Vader. And both boys watch Star Wars at least once a week – so he knows full well who he is and that he’s a ‘bad guy’ – who knows why he’s his favorite Star Wars character. Probably because he looks cool and talks cool! 😉 If that’s not it, then I’m worried!

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