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Where it all went

This is the closet we used for our clothes when the “Studio” was our master bedroom. closet

c.oset 2

closet 3This old clothes closet is now a craft closet.  Her idea is to have things convenient, but not necessarily in view.  Every bin is labeled and we tried to find a bin the correct size to hold everything in the category in a single bin.  The only misc. bin is one labeled “notions”–which holds random sewing notions.

This is the new closet.closetcloset2closwet3All of the fabric and some of the yarn is in here.  There is a bin for UFOs and a basket of new yarns that still need to be fondled.

I still need to rethink some of the things I stored and decide if I can give them away.  My choice.

I have a list of things to do that only I can do concerning files and things like that.  When I taught school, we had to pack it all up at the end of the year just in case they moved us; then at the beginning of the year, we unpacked.  It was always a purging time.  So August is a familiar time to do that for my craft things.

I have to move all the home office materials upstairs.  Steve is building me a table to go over the two file cabinets that you saw in the pictures which can be used as a flat work surface when sitting.  He has also put legs on my narrow door that I use for blocking,  machine knitting and cutting out patterns.  It will be on wheels and move where I need it when I need it.

We’ve defined the two other attics which are a wreck at the moment, but I see how they can change.  They should be easy to organize because I now know what they should hold.


3 Responses

  1. what a wonderful thing to do….

  2. Glorious!
    What an inspiration.

    I, too, love late summer as a “things are changing, let’s reorganize” time – perhaps from my perpetual student days, less from my teacher days.

    Makes me want to get rooting around in my back closet, now that my studio has a floor again.

  3. This looks great.

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