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More about Socks

Linen st heelWhat I really like about socks is how personal they can be.  This is a heel done in linen stitch.  It’s my new pattern, but the pattern doesn’t call for linen st.  I was just in the mood.  Probably had been reading akabini’s blog.  That girl is obsessed with linen st.  Anyway, the mood struck and I knit the heel.  You can do that with socks.

I just finished a sock class and I took pictures at the last class.  Not great photography, but the socks are great–even somewhat inventive.  Here they are:

GinaThis is Gina’s and if you look carefully you can see a few welts.

ChristyChristy used Tofutsie yarn and this is her very analytical sock.

IsvaraThis doesn’t show the color correctly.  Isvara’s sock is really purple and grey.  Much more elegant, as is she.

JudithJudith finished and kitchenered her toe.  It’s a great fit.

Cristi is teaching a class at the shop now using toe up technique ( her fav) with her own re-engineering of Cat Bordhi’s Riverbend architecture.  I need to go sit in and give up some of my cuff down bias.  Cat’s second book is out and I hear nothing but raves from friends who have taken a recent class based on it.

I lay awake last night thinking of ways to dispose of gusset stitches other than my normal standard sock.  And I called akabini obsessed!!!


2 Responses

  1. Actually this class is for the toe up after thought heel with a double knit picot hem. Woo!

  2. Tag! you’re it!
    (obsessed, that is.)

    That linen-stitch heel is loveliness itself. Now why haven’t I done a zillion pairs with linen-stitch in the heel? Hmm? Do tell.

    Thanks for the linky-love, JP!

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