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Debbie Bliss Class

We were at sea all day so we had a knitting class.  Sorry I didn’t take my camera.  Debbie Bliss is a wonderful and generous person.  She talked for a bit about her design technique.  Here are some of my class notes–

Lots of texture;  uses Mock Rib a lot in garments (k1, p1 on right side, p on wrong side); img-The_Big_Easyswatches through the blocked periods and then designs just begin to come; no large reverse st st areas; puts her bobbles in surprising places; paneled pieces are knit one panel at a time and then manipulated to create the design; loves moss st.

She allowed us to try on lots of her pieces and the fit was surprising.  All of her samples are knit at 34 inch size, yet they fit a huge variety of people.  She agrees with me and therefore must be right that people tend to knit garments too large.  I tried on a coat from her book  The Big Easy and discovered that I needed to knit the 36″ size, not the 40 or 42 I might have chosen.  img-The_Big_Easy4Isn’t it adorable?  I may have to knit this.

Debbie is not a natural teacher.  The class was great through the fashion show, but then we had about 4 hours left to just sit and knit from a worksheet of stitch patterns and she would help if you needed it.  I will say she did generously help anyone who asked.  However—-the textured patterns were mostly cables.

Yes, Jean, I said cables.  I was 5 weeks into teaching the Great American Aran Afghan and I was not going to knit anymore cables!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I happily went to find Steve and the pool.

OMG!  The bodies.  They were everywhere.  It didn’t matter if they were attractive or not, it was just the enormity of the amount of exposed flesh every where I looked.  I was overwhelmed.   So I drank a mojito and ran off to lunch alone.

I found Steve and we found a really isolated deck with a great view of the water and a good breeze. (Our balcony was currently in full sun.) I did the Cat Bordhi toe from the Discovery Sock in her new book. I like it so far and this new technique intrigues me.  It seems more practical and less showboat than the others.  I mean that in a nice way.Bordhi toeYarn is Yummy from Universal,  a gift from Hal.

Saw Cuba–well, I saw a dark blotch on the horizon, but the captain said it was Cuba.  I don’t think he would lie to me.

Tonight is the first formal dinner.  I asked Steve if he would need extra time to do his hair.  He gave me the skunk eye.  He gets cocky when the socks on the needle are NOT for him.

Am reading another book about AD/HD.  This by Sari Solden about women and adhd.  Shelley is right; I need some testing.  I have so many ideas and I need some strategies to corral them and get my brand on them. (How about that metaphor?)

Tomorrow we dock in Costa Maya and Steve is  going on a biking/kayaking trip.  I have no plans—well, there might be some knitting.


2 Responses

  1. ‘corral them and get my brand on them’ ….I love it!

    The trip sounds wonderful so far! I love the socks from yesterday that you made for Steve.

    I totally understand what you mean about the Cat Bordhi toe. I’ve had the same thought about some of her designs.

    Your experience with Debbie Bliss should clarify for you what a great teacher you are!

    Speaking af AD/HD…is this comment all over the place or what?!

  2. Welcome home, Jane! The pics are great — can’t wait to see what else you create as a result of your wonderful cruise!

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