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Belize City and Insults

im_treeToday started badly.  I’m getting a cold.  At breakfast, a 40ish woman asked if Steve were my son.  When I explained he was my husband, she stuttered around and said that if someone had made that mistake to her she would have run right to the spa for Botox.  Just keep diggin that hole, honey.

So, today’s comments may have a slightly negative tinge.

I got off the boat to go for my walking tour.  On shore was the nightmare of shopping centers with loud music, cheap t-shirts, expensive jewelry and DRUGS.  Who knew you could by Viagra and Prozac over the counter in Belize?  And not too expensive.  Of course, US Customs might be a problem.

Dale led our walking tour and he is so proud of his country.  Belize used to be the world’s exporter of mahogany.  Many of the colonial buildings are 100% mahogany.  Yeah, the same wood as your grandma’s dining room table.  Even Mr. Chippendale shipped his mahogany from Belize to England.

We went to his church and school.  All schools are run by churches.  The kids wear uniforms and were very well behaved in the classroom.  I could and did look through the windows.  We passed some middle school students at phys.ed. and they were taunting each other just like every middle school kid here does.  I liked that, too.

There is much poverty in Belize, but people don’t just sit around in it.  They are doing or selling or working to make any money they can.  Of course, many depend on the cruise ship trade.  They make a darn good beer there.  Tastes like an English beer.  We didn’t hesitate to try a few.

42654455-1limeBack on the boat I worked on the socks and the mittens.  I also helped the bartender create a drink that didn’t use sugar syrup—too sweet for me—but did use lots of gin and lime juice.  Had fat free yogurt for a late lunch and am finally relaxed by the pool reading.  Steve is lightly snoring.  All is good.

There seem to be so many couples on this cruise even older than we are who walk around holding hands.  One couple is seated near us, each reading their own book, but holding hands on the table.  So sweet.

I edited out all the negative bits so you didn’t have to read them.  They involved sales clerks, humidity, and the aforementioned cold.


3 Responses

  1. Lots of gin and lime juice! Sign me up!

    That alone could help with negativity, humidity, and the aforementioned cold.

    Great post – keep ’em comin’! So nice to see the tropics when Seattle had a little dusting of SNOW last night.

  2. One word for her…and I can’t post it! Personally I have always admired your beautiful skin! She must have experimented with some of the drug offereings on shore!!!

    What are we calling this new creation? Prajito? Janarita? You have to share the recipe!!!!

  3. OK seriously? She said that?? I’m surprised you didn’t smack her.

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