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Cozumel, Magnets, FO

Steve at the bowWeds. night was the cocktail party (yeah, this is time warping to tell these stories) where the group was gathered together again.  Everyone wore handknits and praise was heaped.  I wore my linen skirt and an Oak Leaf shawl.

My greatest contribution to the discussion was the use of magnets to hold your shawl closed or your scarf in place.  ($2.95 at Michaels) I felt so proud being shown off to everyone and offering such wisdom and cleverness.  —This morning I couldn’t open my stateroom door.  The magnets had degaussed my room key.  New thought:  keep the magnets away from magnetic strips.  Another pedestal crumbling under me.

Storms started last night.  Lots of pitch and roll.  I stayed on my balcony a long time watching.  Once we sailed into a rain shower and I could see it approaching down the side of the ship.  Amazing.  I love the vast power of the sea—as long as I’m safe of course.

Cozumel looks much nicer and more developed than the other stops.  I didn’t visit.  I knit a while on the top deck with my new friend Doris.  I worked mostly on the second Anemoi mitten, desperately chasing the work FINISHED.

Bordhi toeThe Bordhi sock is rocking, BUT—I think it may be too big.  Do I frog or do I try to find a way to cheat?  Of course, I knit another inch before deciding I needed to frog.  Steve made fun of me.  Even he knows that asking that question means it is time to frog.  Had these socks been for him, he would not have said a word.

The Lililandia Cowl is finished.  It is too small really even though I added stitches.  I think it is beautiful.


Evan loved the cowl and took it home with him.  Fits him perfectly but he was not into having a photo made.  Here’s the cowl on me.Liliandia cowl on meDo you feel stupid trying to take your own picture?

Taking my own picThis is the unedited pic of an idiot in the Malabrigo Neck Thingie.

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