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Tropical Storm Ida, Carla’s Class, Towels

Who says  huge ocean liners don’t wobble and roll?  We have experienced up to 15 foot seas and 60 mph winds.  It’s absolutely beautiful to watch the water and not at all scary.  Sun seekers are a bit bummed, but there are always the inside bars.

Our group is inside for classes most of the day anyway.  We’re meeting in a bar call the Catacombs.  Want to guess how good the lighting is?  Carla Scott is our teacher today.  She is the executive editor of Vogue Knitting and the editor of Knit Simple.  She’s the one who makes certain the instructions are correct and well written.  We did measurements.  She did a neat little graph trick that I will copy in my class.

She said in her experience, young designers tend to make sleeves too full at the top and too long.  You might want to keep that in mind as you look at some of the free patterns on the web.

The afternoon class was to knit EZ’ s spiral hat which involves a special M1.  It is the loop increase, but it must be backwards to the loop caston. I finished mine—looks awful on me–but I think I can tweak it.EZ snail hat 1I don’t know the yarn–no label–but I think it was a  wool/acrylic blend, single spun.  It’s very soft.  When I get home I plan to pick up around the cast on and add a roll up brim of some size to make it look better on my moon pie face.  (Time warp–FINISHED)

After class Carla looked at some of my patterns and said she would put me on her designer list to receive submission calls.  Hands shaking, I thanked her and headed for the bar.  Scotch was a necessity here and it was 5 o’clock somewhere in the world.

Formal night, lobster, and another show.  The shows on board have been entertaining.  The production designer for the shows is a genius.  They even have an ice rink and and ice show.

Late night–10 pm–we headed for a piano bar.  I had the chance to play guitar while we sang “Blue Suede Shoes.”  It was a blue, blowup guitar, but I played so well, I won two Royal Caribbean keychains.

Back at the stateroom the towel artist had struck again.  Levi, our steward, left us towel art every night. Here are some examples:bunny towelmonkey towelVicki is going to loan me a book on towel folding so I can entertain the grandsons.

Tomorrow is Nicki Epstein’s class and they have been a hot bed of laughter.  Can’t wait.


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