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FO and a Sat. Night Rant

FINISHED!  GREEN SOCKS/Cat Bordhi Discovery Sock

Yarn is Yummy by Universal Yarns.  It’s not as soft to the touch as comparably priced sock yarns, but I have high hopes for durability.  It pools badly in stockinette st.

I really like my ribbing.  [Ktbl]2X, P2.

Another look at the lovely toe.


College Mascots

disclaimer:  I wrote this Saturday night during the first quarter of the game!!

Okay, I went to Emory University for my undergraduate degree.  In some circles this is impressive; NOT in athletic circles.  We were heavily endowed by Candler/Coca Cola money and the endowment disallowed football and basketball.  We had a soccer team, but in the mid-60’s no one knew what that was.

Atlanta was also home to Georgia Tech and my stepfather taught me to love the Yellow Jackets.  Marrying one was the epitome of achievements for my family.  (thanks, Steve)

Therefore I learned to have contempt for the University of Georgia Bulldogs.  And this was good—–until my son-in-law went there for his PH.D. and my daughter fell in love with Athens and my grandson grew up to love the Dawgs.  So, I disavowed my cultural heritage and bought/knit red and black things.  It wasn’t easy.

Things have changed.  Today at Dilworth Coffee I met a dog—-a bulldog—-more—-the grandson of Uga VI. (Uga is the Georgia mascot.  Uga VII passed away last week.)  A celebrity dog of regal bearing and noble, but not pretty, visage.

Tonight, as I sat down to watch the Tech-Ga. annual grudge match, I expected (after a one week period of mourning) to meet Uga VIII.  Now folks, there is not big casting call for this dog.  The Uga lineage is meticulously delineated like the DAR and Sons of the Confederacy.  Each offspring is pampered and the heir is prepped for his duties.

So what do we get tonight?  Russ!  A temp!  Georgia took the field with a temp mascot!  It was announced that Uga VIII was “not ready.”  What not ready?  All he does is wear the jersey and stand there.  My 17 year old Henry could do that without breathing hard.

Would Duke supplant the Blue Devil with a minor imp?  Would NC State substitute a poodle for the Wolfpack?  Won, lose or draw I thing the U of Ga must hang their heads in collective shame.

Props to Russ.  He looks good in the jersey and studded collar and he stood nobly–even led them to victory.

“Uga VIII is not ready!”  Big Wuss.  I say give the job to Russ and to heck with the dynasty.

FYI–this game did not end the way I anticipated and there is residual pain.  Wait ’til next year sounds so lame.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah… a puppy with stage fright, who’s afraid of meeting people.

  2. I like the hypotheticals to the other schools: Duke fields and imp, NC State a poodle. Clever.

    Your blog is fantastic, Jane. It has a wonderful balance of ethos, pathos, and logos. A+.

  3. We have this Uga statue on St. Simons. It is awesome.


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