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Colorways in the Park

I’m feeling the itch to dye some yarn.  I’ve been lookin at Ma Nature in the Piedmont of NC and she has made several suggestions.

We took Evan to the Greenway to throw rocks in the creek.  I don’t quite “get” this, but he and G-dad love it.A sculptor named Buddy Gray took a chainsaw and other implements to the trunks of trees that had to be cut down in a flood control program.  Look at what he did with this one.

The carvings tell how we use the area, buy they also remind me of

Gansey sweaters.  Ganseys are one color and the pattern is carved onto the sweater using knits and purls.  As light hits the sweater, the purl sts cast a different effect from the knit sts and the patterns emerge.  Much like these carving use light and shadow and texture.  Guess it’s time to make another gansey.

Evan and I picked up beechnuts to make a holiday display.  The warm browns to orange tones of them is such a gorgeous color.  I thought of Kate who comes next week.

Crepe myrtles are popular in my ‘hood.  I love their bark as it strips away each year.  I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but I know a handpaint colorway when I see one.  This was an amazing display of neutrals.

The canebreak.  I love the greens of can and the sort of “alien” look of the plant itself.  Like Kudzu, no sane person plants it because it takes over, but I am so very tempted.

“Turtle on a rock” sounds like a colorway name.  The zoom feature has muddied the colors a bit, but that isn’t all bad.  Shaded tones have made Debbie Bliss a fortune.


2 Responses

  1. that was beautiful. It reminded me of a photo essay (although shorter) that you would see on Sunday morning.

  2. Great photos, Jane! I like how you think colorways from nature. See you soon!

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