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When I was a teenager, Southern women went to church on Sundays and wore white gloves and a hat.  Even then I thought if you were going to wear a hat, make a statement.

Halo, like my Top Cat pattern, says something about the wearer.  It says:

1.  I am fun.

2. I solve ordinary problems (cold head) creatively.

3.  I love color.

4.  I have a lot of leftover sock yarn.

The base is Malabrigo chunky—no scratchy stuff, just cloud-like wool.  It’s a simple basic hat with a few tricks.

First to keep it fuller around my full face, I cast on 70 sts (US#10.5) and knit about 1.5 inches in stockinette for a rolled brim.  I knit in the round, but you could easily knit this hat flat and then seam it up.

I knit the next 1.5 inches in 1X1 rib (knit 1, purl 1) to provide elasticity and some security in case of wind.  This also makes the hat fit a large group of head sizes and yet doesn’t squash you hair so badly.

From this point on I added the occasional purl row in order to suggest a place to put the ruffle.  I did every 5 rows, but this is just a suggestion.  In the end, I only used half of these and even put the first ruffle in a place where there was no purl row to facilitate the stitch pickup.  I decreased 4 sts when the mood struck and then decreased in eight sections to quickly close the top.  Obviously, if you need a bit more guidance, I will suggest any of the free basic hat patterns on the internet which use chunky yarn.

Finally I crocheted the ruffles.  You can knit them.  Just increase in every stitch until you like the way it looks.  I was in the mood to crochet.  I varied the rate of increase.  On the top two ruffles I did  6 dc in each purl st for the first round and 4 hdc in each stitch on the second round. 

The third ruffle was 4 dc and the 5 hdc for a looser ruffle.  Fourth round was 5 dc and 4 hdc.

Why did I vary the stitch rate?  Just to see what happens.

Worried about running our of yarn.  The gold ruffle is two very different yarns (see above).  If you run out of one, just tie on a new one and keep knitting.

Then wear you hat with a big smile.  Some folks will think you are stylish and fashion forward (Kate); others will assume you’ve lost your mind (Patsy).  Bestow your warm smile on each of them.

PS–Kate got the hat for her Bostom commute.  Patsy just got the smile.


6 Responses

  1. Perfect timing as usual, Jane! This week I arrived back to the true Boston winter — lows in the teens, highs in the twenties with a windchill factor that makes it all feel single-digit cold! My not-so-stylish brown ‘puff’ coat (down-filled) is made so much brighter with your lovely hat! Thanks so much — and yes, folks here think it very reasonable to have colorful, warm head-gear!


  2. That is SO cute! It would look great on adults as well as kids. I have almost-3-yr-old twin girls and this hat would look so cute on them in neon pink and purple. You could easily charge a fee for the pattern, it’s that cute. Just wait until after I download it for free… heehee…. 😉

  3. LO.VE your hat and your attitude! Cheers from Vermont, U.S

  4. Мне очень понравилась ваша идея. Шапочка прелесть. Обязательно свяжу такую же своей маме.
    Украина , Полтава

  5. Jane, you are the most awesome person I think I have met in a long time. Thank you for all your comments that you made about the frolic. You are such a hoot! I certainly hope that you come next year and teach the free form stuff. Your art yarn was beautiful. I knit a narrow scarf yesterday from the one that I spun over the weekend. Ann and I would like the website to go to and register for Prudence’s class. If you find out how we can register please let us know. This hat pattern, I must make. Please keep in touch and if you are teaching any classes, let me know, I will hop in the car and come. Love ya Girl!

  6. love the hat! brought back memories of my mom and gramma. They must have had you attitude about hats. I think they looked for the wildest (for those days anyway) yet prettiest ones they could find then hold a fashion show at home to get our approval. lol! Hadn’t thought about those goings on in a long time. I will think of them now every time I wear this hat. Thanx for the memories AND the pattern.

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