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Unexpected Gifts / Stash

I’ve always hated Christmas and Birthdays.  It’s the gift giving and getting.  Did I get the right thing for each person?  Was I appropriately grateful?  Did I say the best thing?  Obviously I am not the only person who feels this way.  See this.

It’s not the gifting and getting; it’s the artificial restraint of time.  Nothing is more fun than seeing a perfect gift and buying/making it for someone.  And being the giftee is even better.  But what if this marvelous gift doesn’t appear in time for the designated day?  Then you are stuck with a gift that doesn’t show how much you really care and you feel stupid and .  .  .  .  I’m not like Erica.  I can’t shop all year for gifts and buy and put it away.

I’m known for not being able to wait to give a gift.  If I find/make a “Perfect” gift two weeks before your birthday, then you have to open it then.  Have to!  I can’t stand it! And I don’t understand why you would want to delay the joy.

Gina made me stitch markers for Christmas.  She even remembered from class that I had a thing for gray, so she chose this gorgeous gray stone beads.  I will always think of her when I use them.  Mostly I’ll think about how happy it made me that she cared enough to make something for me.

Vicki gave me towels AND a book on towel origami.  she remembered how delighted I was by our steward’s towel art on our cruise.  I’m staggered that she tracked this down to give to me.  I’ll share a finished product some day.  Right now I need serious practice.

It really is the thought that counts.  It really is.  And I’m making my New Year’s resolution early.  I resolve to be more thoughtful and to listen more closely to family and friends.  If I can do that, the gift giving should take care of itself.


Since the New Year is coming soon, it’s time to reorganize the stash.  Some lovely knitters keep detailed inventories and always know what they have, how much, what color, where it is.  Not me!  Reorganizing is the Great Remembering for me.  I rediscover stuff which is fun.  Each year requires me to mix, match amd move all the yarn.  Often this results in some good ideas.

This year I have a new plan.  The labels will read:

1.  Leftovers/one ball/whatever

2.  Leftover sock/ fingering/ lace

3.  Sweater amounts (all sizes)

4.  Project amounts of good yarn

5.  Designated for a specific project (List these on a board.)

6.  Sock yarn

7.  Yarns to dye

I will again resolve to shop from my stash, not buy new yarn, not start too many projects at one time and not buy books I don’t need.  These are the resolutions I have no intention of keeping.


One Response

  1. Like the categories for organizing your yarn and am much relieved that your new year’s resolutions are non-resolutions! Whew … had me worried, it’s good to keep it real! All the best to you and the family! OXOX

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