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Brioche st again

I resisted not editing this photo.  I loved how stupid I looked taking my own picture in my bathroom mirror just to share a new knit project.

I found this Malabrigo at Charlotte Yarn.  It was all shades of brown with a little dusty rose thrown in.  I loved it.  I knew I couldn’t wear it, but when I think of beautiful browns and roses, I think of Donna Harding.  So obviously I had a great excuse to knit this yarn–a gift for Donna.

I cast on 100 sts on a US#9 and started to knit a brioche st reversible cable that I had seen in a magazine.  I had forgotten how much I love to knit a plain brioche.  The rhythm of it speaks to my soul and I become absolutely mellow.  So I never got around to cabling.  I just knit on.

I knit about 9 inches and then bound off.  Well, what was it?  I wasn’t sure until I remembered EZ’s trick with the moebius.  Well, it’s more a cheat and if anyone cheats at knitting, it’s me.  So I twisted one end 180 degrees and sewed it together.  I love the way it drapes on my neck, and it can still be bunched and pinned with a great brooch.

Donna liked it and it was be soft and warm for her through the winter.  That’s really what matters.

Don’t know how to knit brioche?  Well, get yourself to Nancy Marchant’s website.  She is the queen of brioche and she will teach you how to knit some fantastic tams.


One Response

  1. Hi Jane: We are on the same wavelength. I just finished a brioche mobebius in that candy red we got at Brown Sheep. It was new then because it had black in it. Looks great. Contacted Nancy Marchant to see when her new book was coming out to find out it had come out the previous week. Can’t wait to see it. She evidently is not coming to the states for a while as Stitches doesn’t want her. I always looked forward to seeing her.

    How are you doing? Haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you still working on self? My last email from you, you were doing some kind of self help.

    Have you been able to keep your weight off during this holiday season?

    Guess it is almost time to start on camp.

    Love to you,


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