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Elann.com used to be a clearinghouse for designer yarns that didn’t sell out.  I’ve bought many yarns from them over the years.  The quality and the service have always been first rate.  They have now developed their own yarns which form the greater part of their inventory and they retail them at a reduced rate due to the large volume of sales they have.

Changing the gauge on my Chocolate Wrapper project made me a bit nervous about having enough yarn, so I ordered three more balls.  I was lucky they still had some in my dye lot.  Well, you can’t just order that little when there are so many interesting spring fiber combinations, so I also ordered one ball each of a bunch of other yarns.

What can I do with one ball?  I can swatch.  I can knit wash clothes for my non-existent but planned gift box.  I love knitted wash clothes and when you add a nice bar of soap, you have a small, special gift for someone.

I want to knit Zachary (age 7) a gansey sweater which could incorporate some symbols personal to him.  He prefers cotton sweaters and they need to be machine washable and rugged.  I picked out a butterscotch color as a possibility.

I love linen, so I ordered some of the yarns with a linen cotton mix.  They would make nice tanks or short sleeve jackets.

I’m interested in knitting some pillow covers.  They have no shape so I can do a few more complex stitch patterns without having to think too much.  I love colorwork pillows but I don’t like wool, so these cotton blends might become a fair isle.  They would be comfortable and washable.  Meghan is redecorating so I may cover some pillows for her.

I only spent $30 but I’ve already received that much entertainment value just planning things I could do.  IF I like the yarn.  But if it doesn’t work out for what I am planning, I’ll just knit dishcloths for Steve.  He’s always appreciative.

I’ll let you know if I find another gem.


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