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Last year Shelley gave me a wine calendar.  Inside was a number that allowed me to get another calendar delivered each day via email.  I chose the knitting calendar from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot.  It was so much fun that I knew I had to get it for 2010.

I was sneaky.  I bought Steve a crossword puzzle calendar for his office and stole the sheet with the number for the email calendar.  (He knows.)

January has started with a bang.  As I was plotting my road to regular exercise, the calendar told me that one hour of knitting burns 80 calories.  Imagine.  And some people think we are just sitting like a couch potato.  I can easily to 400 calories a day.  We aren’t going to talk about cardio-vascular points.

Stephanie’s blog talked about the sock club at Socks That Rock.  She’s a big fan as is turtlegirl76. (Links on blogroll) I thought about it; went to the website; figured the cost per skein (the patterns don’t interest me much) and said no.  Too expensive for what I feel I would get out of it.  Just a personal decision.

Next day in the calendar, she suggested creating your own sock club.  What a great idea!  I certainly have the sock stash and family is eager for socks.  She suggested gathering patterns you like and yarn from the stash and making kits.  Put one pattern and one yarn in a zip lock.  Repeat 11 times.  Then put all 12 kits in a larger bag or pillowcase and on the first of the month, draw one out.

With all the sock books and stitch dictionaries I have, 12 patterns is a breeze.  It might be even more fun to invite some knit friends in to advise.  I have the yarns, patterns, even the plastic bags.  My cost is zero.  Doesn’t get better.

By the way, the calendar in question is Never Not Knitting from Page a Day calendars.  It’s already saved me money and every day is thoughtful and entertaining.  Go online and treat yourself.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Jane,

    Cool idea to create your own sock club and I know you have plenty of sock yarn, ideas, and family waiting for more socks! Of course, I look forward to seeing each month’s sock with pics right here (no pressure though)!

  2. Hi! I got here from turtlegirls photos of Henry. He’s darling. I like you! I like your logic about knitting being exercise. I love the “cult” you’re in. I get that! And the sock club thing…the way my brain is getting, if I boxed them up, I wouldn’t remember what was in the box and it would be a surprise every time! I like that!

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