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Beth’s Jacket

Remember when I wrote that life couldn’t get any better.  I was wrong—again.

Friends from my former LYS came over Weds. to knit and catch up and, of course, show and tell.  Beth wore a gorgeous wine-colored jacket–a bright merlot color wool with cables

and scallops

and the shawl collar I’ve always though I’d love to wear.(I can hear Cristi screaming “That isn’t wine.”  I wish I could take photos as well as she does.)

Beth knitted this jacket for her daughter.  Both she and Jasmine are ultra small people, and the sweater came out medium.  So, like many of us have, Beth was looking for a body to fit this gorgeous sweater.

And MINE DID!!!!!!

It is mine now, and it fits so well, is so warm, and I’m so excited to have it that I never even asked about the pattern or the yarn. So I can’t tell you the stats on it.  I just call it Beth’s sweater and I am in love.  [Added later–The Nantuckett Jacket from Interweave Knits.]This is a detail from the bottom.She used an extra button to tame the back of the collar.  Look at all the detail.  It must have taken forever to knit.

I remember my early sweaters.  They were pretty well knitted, but it was a crap shoot as to whom they would fit.  If I bothered with a gauge swatch, I was caught up in the hopeful “close enough” thinking that never works out and I never thought about measuring the gauge again after I started the project.  Therefore I was often in the position of looking for a body to give my sweater to.  Of course, I was always dejected and disappointed, so I’d avoid sweaters for a while.

Until today I never spent any time thinking about the joy for the giftee in this situation.  If I had, I think I would have tried again sooner.  I mean, Joy is good wherever you find it.

Beth surely thought about it a bit because I was my normal squealing, over the top self all morning.  It’s not the same as being able to please your DD with a special gift, but it ain’t nothing either.

Now, how on earth do I repay her?


5 Responses

  1. I can vouch the color is wine and the sweater looks much better on than these pictures show. I don’t know how you managed to turn these magenta with your camera. Remind me and I’ll take a picture of you wearing it next time I’m over.

  2. That is a beautiful sweater. What is the pattern name?

  3. Jane, my one minute of fame is payment enough – I’ve never been the subject of a blog before! The sweater is so glad that it has been liberated from the underbed storage box. Wear in good health. p.s. the yarn is knitpicks something and the buttons came from Anne’s.

  4. o.O That’s all the same sweater in those pics? I’m curious to see it in person. It’s pretty! You got so lucky!

  5. I saw this!!! when we FINALLY hung out, you were wearing this weren’t you? It’s lovely, and the second Nantucket I’ve seen in person… I may have to finally cave and make that beast! 🙂

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