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FO–Chocolate Wrapper

This is the latest photographed finish object.  As usual, I put the camera on the mantle and used the timer.  This vest was designed by Rick Mondragon and published in Knitter’s Summer 2007 magazine.  I posted the mag picture earlier this month, as well as some observations on the yarn I chose.  Bamboo Fusion from elann.com

I used Rick’s schematic to knit by but changed the stitch patterns.  His version has more open work that mine.  I used lots of garter stitch and then sets of  knit 3 rows, purl 1 row which eliminates curling, is a bit faster and softer than just garter.  The vest is knit in 2 pieces which are joined down the center back with a 3 needle bind off.  Then the two shoulder seams are sewn.  I added a crab stitch trim to the armscyes and the outside edges to stabilize the piece.  Cotton stretches so badly and has no memory.

I love the weight of this garment.  You know how an old cotton dishrag feels so soft in your hands.  It has history and isn’t at all flimsy.  That’s how this feels.  It has some substance which makes it drape well.  The drape does indeed cover the saddlebags and doesn’t add inches as I once thought it would.  I also like how it moves as I walk–sort of bouncy and perky–sort of YOUNG!

I made the size small because only the length really matters.  It was a fast and mindless knitting.  Zen.


4 Responses

  1. I love it! It looks fantastic on you!

  2. Jane, it is lovely! I am taking your cue and using a black sweater and slacks as my canvas for knitted items. You rock! I am enjoying your analysis on swatches.

  3. You look adorable in that vest. I love it!

  4. Although the pictures are nice I think it looks even better in real life.

    Knitter’s Summer 2007….Page 44…got it! ohhh you made LOTS of improvements!

    Yours is knit vertically so the drape is much nicer in my humble opinion. Reducing the open work only makes sense being knit vertically because all the open work wouldn’t show like it does in his horizontal version.

    Beautiful work…but no surprise there!!

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