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Swatch Report–elann cottons

I knit swatches with the single balls of yarn I ordered from elann.  I wanted to determine MY gauge, how they looked and felt after washing, and if I wanted to buy more of any of them.  Here’s what I learned.

This is Pegasus (52.4% mercerized cotton and 47.5% viscose; 50 g = 93 yds; 19 sts on US7) I knitted it on a 5 because I was too lazy to go get a 7 and because I knit large, that worked okay.  After washing it was soft and very wearable for a garment.  The yarn is 4 plies of the cotton and 4 thinner plies of the rayon.  I would certainly use it for a worsted weight sweater.

This is Luna (55 viscose, 45 non mercerized cotton; 50g = 106 yds; 21 sts on US5).  It, like the Pegasus, is 4 plies of each fiber.  This yarn is  a DK wt yarn.  I was surprised at how much lighter it feels in my hands after I knit the swatch.  I prefer this to the Pegasus.  It not only is lighter, it is softer.  I’m very interested in a sweater or vest from this yarn.

Both yarns have a little sheen that catches the light nicely, but because the fibers are plied together rather than carding them into one yarn, they have a shimmery effect that is only really suitable for women’s pieces.  The right man could rock this, but girls and boys will look silly.

This is Nilo (60% cotton, 30% viscose, 10%linen; 21 sts on a US6; 50 g = 109 yds).  This has 6 plies of the same fiber mix.  It takes the dye well.  The color is, of course, not at all what is pictured.  It is softly plied and might split if you knit very tightly, but I had no trouble with it.  You can tell the rayon is there, but it doesn’t have a distinct gleam as the first two do.  It has a good hand and is quite soft; I would buy it.

This is Camila (50% cotton and 50% linen; 50 g = 123 yards; 23 sts on a US3)  I knitted this on a 4 and got 23.5 sts over 4 inches and found the swatch a little stiff for my taste. It is a 6 ply yarn and the cotton is not mercerized so it has a matte finish.  It is also starting to fuzz up a bit with just the handling I have done with the swatch.  I wanted to like this yarn but I don’t think I would buy it.  The fuzz bothers me.  Also, frankly, I can’t wear a matte finish yarn in a slightly greyed tone, so this is a no go for me.

I’ll share the other four swatches tomorrow.  In the meantime, you might want to visit elann.com and check out the colorways of the above.


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