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My Vet’s Little Dress

Isn’t this sweet?  I am usually knitting for boys, so this gift was special just to knit.  It is a dress creatively named “Sun Dress” and the pattern is in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Debbie Bliss’s Magazine.  I bought mine at Charlotte Yarn.  I also bought my yarn there and it is a favorite cotton, Katia’s Bombay.  I also have a top for me from this cotton and it washes well and doesn’t stretch out under its own weight as so many cottons do.

Now why am I knitting for a baby girl.  My vet, Dr. Jamie Klein of Long Animal Hospital, is amazing.  She’s young, compassionate, not afraid to ask for help, and unbelievably caring of Henry our 17 year old.  He’s her oldest patient and she treats him with extra special care.  Jamie just had a little girl about 4 months ago and I’ve seen adorable pics of the whole family at Christmas.  I wanted to somehow say an extra thanks to her as she guides us through Henry’s end-life period, so I thought of knitting for her child.

I managed to sneak the info from her that her daughter currently weighs 16 lbs.  I am so cunning.  I chose the sun dress hoping that it would fit two summers–one as a dress and one as a top.  You know how kids grow up more than out.  It also has a large opening for the toddler size head.

The embroidery is a steal from Kristin Nicholas, one of my favorite color work designers.  I saw these kind of flower in her latest book and just used it.  I cut out circles of paper and taped them on the dress for positioning.  Then I basted around the circles and removed the paper.  Finally I freehanded the rest.

I’m very pleased with the result and I hope Jamie is too.  She is as special as the dress.

If you need a vet, you won’t find a better one.  My friend Jean Marie drives over from Mt. Holly to go to Long’s.


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  1. beautiful dress Jane. I know she will love it.

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