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Tweed Hoodie Finished

Cleaning up files I came across these pics.  Yes, they are the same magnificent quality all my pics are and were taken with a delayed shutter from the ever famous mantle.  Meghan has promised some good ones, but when she comes, we start talking and forget all about it.  Anyway, I did finish the Tweed Hoodie by Melissa Leapman and I am enjoying it immensely.

The first thing people notice is the stitch pattern.  Not the cables–the stitch pattern.  Even Rafik noticed it this weekend and I think Lynda should use it to knit him a sweater.  It is tres simple.  Right side row is K1, P1; Wrong Side row is Knit.  Hard to mess up.  Lies flat, looks great.  Yes, it will appear again in my work.

I like the hood and needed it in recent weather.  I kept the stockinette down the hood where you do the increases because I thought it would look nice and would keep the hood from being too pointy.  Not sure I would do that again.

The back medallion is still a favorite touch.  You can feel like you leave a positive impression even as you walk away.

I hand sewed a black zipper and like the effect.  If I knit it again, I would secure the bottom edge with an I-cord cast on.  Of course, it’s not too late to add one, but I’ve moved on.  It it stretches out with wear, I’ll do that later.

It’s been finished, but in waiting for better pictures, I just put off posting.  Who am I kidding?


5 Responses

  1. It looks fantastic! I love that stitch pattern too. And you sewed in a zipper? Oooh.

  2. looks great!

  3. I am with you on the medallion being a favorite touch. The sweater back is gorgeous. The fit is so nice on you. Another hit from JP!!!

  4. Sooo inspiring, Jane! And look … you even did some sewing — way to go! Now maybe I will have to revisit making this sweater too.

  5. Gorgeous!

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