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New stuff–yarn and pattern

Remi has a new yarn at Charlotte Yarn that just sucked me right in.  It is Queensland Haze.

The corn fiber was what got me.  Erica loves her corn fiber socks and begs for more, so obviously she needs a shell made from this new corn and cotton yarn.  The color screams Erica.  A really lush, soft rose with hints of blue in it will make her baby blues pop.

We all know the problems with 100% cotton yarns.  No memory is the big one.  The corn fiber in this yarn gives it terrific stitch definition, but, alas, no memory.  I tried the tiny needle trick and loved the result in this swatch.  It has been washed and the results were great.  The hand is really nice.  It’s soft but has a tiny crispness like linen.  The color didn’t fade at all in the washing as some cottons do.

I found a stitch pattern in Creative Knitting that I liked and started a shell.  I will see her soon and thought I could fit her if I had the back knit.  This looks okay, but doesn’t solve the no elasticity problem.  I knit it with a size 3 needle (ball band recommends a 6) and love the feel, but when I woke up this morning, my elbows were hurting.  Uh oh.  Already did that surgery.  Must find a way to use a larger needle.  You probably won’t have this problem.  I just knit so *&^*& k loosely.

Later—Well, now I’m trying this.

Back to the drawing board for me.  I’ll let you know what I discover.  In the meantime, go by Charlotte Yarn and hold this stuff for a bit.  You’ll probably succumb, too.


So after all this, I took the yarn and my enthusiasm to Georgia to show to DD1 and her response was to talk about the way her current scarf sheds on her coat and could I just use this yarn and make her a new scarf.

I am going to look great in the shell I am going to make for me out of this great yarn.  You know, mostly you should just knit for yourself.


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