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While you are frolicking each day at your job, I am here in my retirement slogging my way through the internet just to find things to entertain and enlighten you in the world of knitting.  It’s a dirty job, but someone’s . . . .I have discovered a new magazine–well, new to me— that I really like.  It’s called Knitcircus and is produced by a group of women in Wisconsin.  Editor Jaala Spiro does a wonderful job of combining mostly knitting with a bit of sewing and cooking and whatever to create a very slick and entertaining magazine.  I immediately wrote them a fan letter and got a really nice response from Jaala.  She also took time to let me know when my order was mailed.  This personal touch means a lot to me.

I stumbled on this site from another blog and stayed to look at the back issues and even order two of them.  I was particularly struck by the designs from Elizabeth Morrison.  She also does most of the photos (all of these)  and they are lovely.  In Issue 3 I found this shrugwhich I really want to make———–and I don’t even like shrugs.  The fair isle vest on the cover of Issue 4 above is also a draw, but I really think I ordered that issue because of this photoIt’s a recipe for Spinach Chicken Pasta.  Yeah, I know that you know that I don’t cook.  But I do eat, and this looks amazing.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the issues I ordered were produced on slick paper and done folded letter-size so they fit neatly into any knitting bag.  Very good print quality.  That being said,  Knitcircus has morphed into the digital world in a clever way.

Beginning with the newest issue, #9, the entire magazine (minus the pattern instructions) is online and available to everyone. You can read book and yarn reviews, interviews (Wait until you see the pics of Lily Chin in some of her famous costumes.), an article about a sheep farm, one on spinning, lots of great designs, a neat pillow cover to sew and a recipe for cookies.  Elizabeth Morrison is taunting me with some more fair isle patterns (a hat and a laptop envelop) but my favorite is a scarf called Bebop Scarf from Miss T.  I can’t figure out that stitch pattern and I really love it.  You can just hear the music.

Purchasing the pattern directions is easy.  It’s a pdf download you can get through Paypal.  I love paypal.  All 17 patterns are only $7.50.

If you read to the back of the magazine, they give a mini bio of each designer and you see they are drawing from many other places now.  Maybe a few of us Southerners need to send some submissions to share with our creative Northern sisters.

Best thing about this magazine for me is that Jaala brought together a group of knitters and took a risk to share their love of our craft.  I’ve bookmarked everything for you so visit these sites and enjoy.

If you know of other magazines, especially tiny ones, please share.


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  1. Thank you SO much for the good words about Knitcircus, and about my design! It’s wonderful to hear good feedback. :o)

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