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Gold!!! And a winner!

The Olympic challenge has been met.  I have a new gansey sweater in my favorite Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep and I was able to test my raglan/set in hybrid sleeve theory.  Does life get better?

I’m very pleased with the fit, except I still have some extra fabric at the underarms.  I think I have figured that out.  I think the problem is the angle of the seam.  Raglans increase every other row.  I began that way and then changed to every 4th.  Next time out, I will use some measurements from this sweater and try the every 4th row from the beginning and then curve the set in sleeve more.

The various ribbings are doing their jobs with the shaping.  The section under the arm are 1 X 1 ribbing.  Next to that is some 5 X 2 which is just next to that.  The bottom is 2 X 2.

This shows my main symbols.  The maple leaf at the top; the arrow-ish band to represent mogul skiing; and then my giant slalom run.  I didn’t include curling in any way and I regret that.  Circles are hard to knit and I was on a schedule.

Confession:  I really like the neckline which was a total mistake.  I was so excited to get started that I forgot to shape the front neck.  The Knitting Goddess was smiling on me and it worked out quite well.  Just have a little faith.  This stuff stretches.

Next I’ll try the armscye theory on another Cotton Fleece sweater.  I have more in the stash so I’ll use it.  I love how this yarn feels on my body.  It’s soft, lighter weight than 100% cotton and so warm.  Charlotte Yarn has lots of colors and Remi is great about ordering anything you want.

Speaking of new patterns—

Now that the Olympics are past, I can cast on for the Bebop scarf from Knitcircus Issue #9.  BJ from Charlotte won the free pattern instructions and also chose that as her favorite from the issue.  The link is in your email box.  Thanks to everyone for entering and, again, thanks to Jaala for allowing me to do this.


5 Responses

  1. The waistline shaping was on target. You must have lost more weight. The shaping of the sweater and the length of the sleeves really accentrate your slim and trim figure. Impressive work. I can’t wait to see this sweater in person.

    Thanks for the pattern for the scarf! I will check my e-mail for the pattern.

  2. What a gorgeous sweater! And the color looks great on you.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway and look forward to seeing your Bebop Scarf. That’s one of my faves from this issue, too.

  3. The neckline is AWESOME. I need one. Love the sleeves and the waistline as well, perfect fit!

  4. Oh wow , Jane! You look FANTASTIC! That sweater shows off your slimmed down self wonderfully. Love all the little touches you added as an homage to the Olympics.

  5. Congrats on your Gold AND Goal 🙂 You look FANTASTIC!! Don’t lose another ounce!!!!

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