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Random Acts of . . .

. . . rubbing it in.  This one is for Kate in Boston.  The red globe came from her yard in Charlotte, and the daffodil is to say Spring is coming!

. . . efficiency.  Thanks to friend Toby and her Anna May, Jake has a new dog door.  Anna May taught Jake about them and he has been fearless.  Henry just looks and sniffs.  I have hopes of being able to someday have a rug that isn’t small enough to go into the washing machine after it has been anointed.  I also like that I don’t have to stop knitting to go let him out.

. . . luxury.  I drug out the old paraffin bath and dunked my feet which look and feel like rhino skin.  If you have never done this, you’ve missed a real treat.  The warmth, oh, the warmth.  The spooky look of your skin covered in wax.  Do you remember Vincent Price and The House of Wax?  But then, you peel it off and your skin feels like the smooth behind of a newborn babe.  Does wonders for the hands as well.  Ah-h-h-h-h-h.

. . . knitting.  This is the Queensland Haze that is now going to become — after 200 yards of swatching– Crisp, a top down pattern from Wendy Bernard.  I bought the pattern from her website and started it this morning.  It starts with little saddle shoulders.  Now why that is cool is that I just knit those as my gauge swatches and proceeded from those numbers.  It has some trick weaving on the saddles and in one place around the body, but the rest is just knitting.

I’m liking not having to think so much.  If I get bored, I’ll add some pattern.  A great thing about stockinette stitch is that it’s hard to mess it up during social knitting.  Lately anything more complex just has to be frogged when I get home.

I’ve written a pattern of my first Saddlebag Vest and given it to Remi for the shop.  It will be given away if you buy the yarn from her.  I, of course, will be glad to answer questions.  Check with her and I recommend a cotton.  Cotton Fleece or Mission Falls 1824 Cotton would make a nice casual vest.  You can ask to try on mine, but remember it’s been hanging for a long time and will be more stretched than normal by now.  Changing the size is so easy.  Just fewer or more stitches and fewer or more rows.


2 Responses

  1. I’m waiting for spring to show up here in NJ! I’ve heard good things about the paraffin bath but is it messy to get off? I’ve heard it helps with arthritis hands (that’s me),

    Happy Spring!

  2. Thank you, Jane! So nice to see Spring is starting somewhere … I do like the contrast of the red globe with the bright yellow, happy face of the daffodil.

    I’ll have to see if my ‘pariffin bath’ will fit my feet — love it for my hands!

    BTW, sunny and in the fifties here in Boston — I can live with that!

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