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My hand hurts.  Again I poked a hole in my finger with a Harmony size 4 needle.  I covered it with electrical tape which works well–except it leaves black adhesive on my finger and my needle was getting sticky.  Then I covered it with adhesive tape which began to fray at the edge.  I decided to uncover my wound and allow it a day to heal.  No knitting today.

Now I’m so antsy my TMJ is screaming.  I hate TMJ.  It’s like a faux illness to anyone who hasn’t had it.  It’s so constant.  My ear always feels full of water and I try so hard not to move my jaw that I probably exacerbate it.  When I complain whine about it, I feel guily–so trivial compared to real illness.

If you add all this together–self-stabbing, muscle fatigue, antsyness, joint pain–do you get withdrawal?  Has the knitting obsession become actual addiction?  Well, I’m not alone.

Yesterday, Beth was here and asked about my pursuit of a raglan that doesn’t bunch.  Eagerly I pulled out the graph paper where I had just compared a Rowan raglan to a Vogue raglan.    Who does that?!?!?

Yes, I drew the two sleeves on graph paper–along with two necklines I thought Meghan would like.  Thing is–I learned something pretty cool.

The slopes of the two raglans were very different.  I have a new idea about my hybrid sleeve–increase rate toward the armhole.  when I get time to try it, I’ll let you know.

About the necklines–DUH!–Why haven’t I done this sooner?  It makes turning the pattern into a top down so much easier.  You can really SEE the neck.

I’m finally seeing that designing is more like drafting and architecture and math class than most people (Me) would imagine.  I’ve been coming at it from product to process rather than process and then product.  I love the process–the figuring–even the graph paper and the formulae.

Vicki brought me a cardigan from Belks.  It cost $170 and was just a simple cotton blend knit in stockinette with the sleeves on the outside.  “Can you copy it?” she asked.

“Of course,” replied the diva (me).

Here’s the new challenge for me.  Find the right yarn (it may be in the mail), swatch for gauge.  Draw and write the pattern.  THEN knit it.

Unlike the Olympics, no time limit will be posted.  Anyone want to test knit?


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