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1.  Crisp by Wendy Bernard in Queensland Haze

I love the saddle shoulders.  Have raised the neckline some.  Now to shape it to my body.  I love the feel and color of this yarn, too.

This pattern is called a vest and is shown over a shirt.  When is a vest a sleeveless sweater?  I’m guessing the answer is —when it’s worn alone.  Do be careful that the neckline and armholes aren’t too big.

2.  Liesl in Summer Tweed.

I saw it at Charlotte Yarn and fell in love.  I was unaware of this pattern, yet about 2,000 people on Ravelry have knit it and posted pictures.  Just missed it when it came out.  It’s the picot bind off on the little cap sleeve that sold me.  Also it can be knit in one day if you want.  For most two skeins of yarn will do, but I need three.  I am going to shape the bottom just a bit so it emphasizes the waist I wish I had.  I’m also leaving off the picot bind off at the end.  I’m not quite that frilly.

3.  A line skirt in Louet Euroflax

The skirt I designed originally as very modern and showcased the Claudia Handpaint linen I bought at SAFF years ago.  But is wasn’t fun to knit and it just kept getting pushed aside.  Eithna pointed out that the purple solid really didn’t work well and encouraged me to frog it.  She was just the friend I needed–an honest one.  I have restarted a much simpler skirt which I can knit mindlessly and wear with joy.  It will be shaped like the purple one I knit last year.  I’m not sure what the bottom will be, but I don’t have to decide until I get there.

4.  Sleepy Hollow Socks in CTH

This project has been snoozing while I knit this:  The PKOK sock in worsted.  I had this Cascade 220 superwash and wondered if 100 grams would really knit a pair of socks.  It did, but my size 6 1/2 foot used almost all of it.  Definitely need two skeins for a man’s sock or a woman’s large.  I used 40 sts and a size 3 needle and they fit nice and snug.  I wore them yesterday in my too big shoes and they were perfect.

In the queue–

Meghan’s sweater in turquoise Hempathy;  Steve’s socks in CTH Moody blues; Vicki’s Belk Sweater in a cotton/silk blend


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