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Liesl in Summer Tweed

My Liesl started like this and a day later looked like this.Wow!  That’s fast.  I know I am the last person on earth to know about this pattern.  It’s been out on Ravelry since June, 2008 and over 1500 folks have made it.  I was clueless until I saw the one Remi made at Charlotte Yarn.  Yarn shops make up samples to entice customers to buy yarn.  It worked!

First, it’s made out of Rowan’s Summer Tweed, a yarn that’s been in production for a long time.  (70% raw silk and 30% cotton) It’s an Aran weight yarn and kind of stiff to start with.  I’ve never been attracted to it, but I had never seen it knit in lace before.  That stiffness softens into what I would call “body” like in hair and holds the lace open and lovely.

The pattern is available on ravelry as a download.  It has several versions.  I chose the wide neck, cropped version for this project.  It only took two skeins of yarn to knit the medium size.  I also added some garter stitch at the bottom and short rowed the back to get a better look for me.  I loved the picot bind off.  It gives it a real sassy look.  I have it on the cap sleeves.  Remi’s has it on the bottom as well.  I tried that but thought it looked a little young on me, so I simplified the bottom.

It looks great with jeans and I think it will go well with my purple linen skirt.  I plan to use this a lot this spring.

If you can wear green, check out the Summer Tweed at the shop.  There is a gorgeous green there that I can’t wear—or it wouldn’t be there.


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