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Saturday in Athens; Michael

Old is sometimes good.  Empty nests are okay, too.  I realize this because I am sitting in the Athens Clark County Classic Center, with 500 parents, waiting to sign my grandson up for summer camp.

DD1 got in line about 8 this morning, outside in the crisp, pollen-filled air.  She had hoped to finish and pick me up later to attend her Chamber Singers rehearsal at 10.  Clearly, by 9:30 that wasn’t going to happen.  Z and Steve brought me to her, and they headed off to drive bumper cars and play mini golf.  By 10:15 DD1 was beginning to crumble.  Too many responsibilities.

Mom to the rescue.  We got permission for me to stand in for her and she headed off to rehearsal–filled with pollen and more than annoyed.

So here I sit, glad for the seat.  Eavesdropping on the quiet complaints as people discuss what they are missing:  soccer games, lessons, birthday parties.  Me, I’m kind of happy.  I brought my knitting–of course–and a book and my iPad.  I have no idea when or how I will get back home, but it’s Athens!  I can hang out in this town for hours.

The real parents, a generation younger, are not so lucky.  Many have small children with them and there is little to entertain them.  This is when I began to remember that Old is not so bad.  The responsibility thing.  You have less and if you screw up, people just shake their heads and comment about age, without ever getting mad at you.  Not to shabby, ey?

12:15–Z registered.  People in charge pleasant and helpful.  It is Athens after all.

12:45–1:00– Jackson Street Books, my favorite used book store.  College towns are wonderful for used books. No knitting books,  but bought three vintage mystery paperbacks. I don’t collect;   I just like to read the old ones.  See?  Old is a theme.

1:10–Sitting at the bar at Trappeze Pub drinking a Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale.  Still no responsibilities.   Writing this on my iPad and attracting envious people to talk about it.

Life is good.

Oh, about knitting—

Cast on some socks for Steve in a bamboo/merino blend.

Had an epiphany about raglan sleeves after reading some sewing sites.  Swatching furiously.

Am working on a plan to trade free knitting workshops for test knitting.

Also reflecting on Michael Godfrey who died suddenly this past week.  He picked on me unmercifully.  Which always made me know he liked me. Regretting not staying in closer touch with him.  So talented, so unique.  He had so much to teach all of us.  My favorite Michaelism, “Life is too short to knit with cheap yarn”.  Right!   Way too short.


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