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Crisp finished

This is it and I really like it. Wendy Bernard’s pattern “Crisp,” with my changes. You knew I would make changes. The first one was to raise the neckline.

Wendy designed this as a vest with a deep V neck. Because it is knit top down, I could easily knit it until it was as low as I wanted, and then I just cast on a few sts and joined it.

Then when it was finished covering the “girls,” I added two rows of purl and copied the woven st she put on the shoulder. Repeated the two purl rows and I had a nice Empire detail.

I like the fit at the back. I like my shoulder seams just on the inside of that boney knob at the top of the shoulder. Then if I put a sleeve in the armhole, the weight of the sleeve pulls it perfectly into place. If you knit with cotton or other heavy yarns, it’s very helpful to anticipate the effect of the weight of the garment.

As you can see from this side view, I eliminated some of the bust sts to make it more form fitting. Vertical darts are my friends.

The neatest thing I did was to copy the saddle shoulder pattern down the sleeves. This was very easy to do because the use of the saddle meant I was knitting the sleeve down from stitches instead of rows. I always knit set in sleeves by picking up around the armscye and knitting down. Why?

That brings me to the thing I don’t really like—the sleeve length. Too short for my aged arms. However, if I knit them long enough to cover the wobbly bits, the sweater will probably be too hot to wear past April. Dilemma. Do not send message about working out to improve arms. Ain’t gonna happen. But–if I decide to lengthen the sleeves, all I have to do is undo the bind off and keep knitting. That’s an excellent reason to knit them top down.

The yarn is Queensland Haze, a scrumptious corn/cotton blend I purchased at Charlotte Yarn which I knit on a size 5. It feels great and, after two wearings, shows no signs of the dreaded stretches.


4 Responses

  1. Jane,

    2-3 more inches of sleeve is going to make it so much warmer? I’m doubtful, but I’m not the one wearing it. How about a lace insert for ventilation but coverage? Would it look too weird to add fabric like organza? Or how about fringe on the sleeves?

  2. Fantastic!
    What a great fit.

    And just *too* fabulous with the coordinating lipstick!

    I love the saddle shoulder revelation – you’re so right! A great idea worthy of more exploration.

    And as for the arms, take a page from every Hollywood starlet’s style book, and stand for photos with one arm on your hip, elbow out. Takes the arm issues out of the equation!

    Home run on this sweater – hope you wear the bejeezus out of it!

  3. I think it looks great….

  4. Oooh it looks great on you! I love that saddle shoulder.

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