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Licorice Socks Finished

Steve’s new socks and probably my best FO photos.
I wanted mindless knitting so I just did the k4, p4 rib which isn’t really tight, but hints at texture.On the far right you can see the gusset which is done in purl sts.  I learned this entire gusset/arch technique while knitting the Persephone sock (ravelry link) and both Steve and I like the fit.  The purl sts add a texture and also help you see what you are doing the first time through this technique.Heel–I know I’m out of order–is the same as I always knit when I don’t want to think.  So is the turn and the gusset reduction.  Notice how after the gusset is finished, the stitches begin to travel up the side and across the front of the foot.  This is the arch shaping.  The stitches take on a bias effect that cradles your arch and seems supportive.  I also like the look of the top stitch pattern slowly being gobbled up and it ends in a point.  Like toe shoes.  Last picture because I like it.

Yarn:  Paton’s Stretch Socks, US#1 32″ cable

Other news around here.

Steve’s surgery went really well and he is over the pain and the fuzzy headed narcotics.  We love those folks at OrthoCarolina.  He’s as good a patient as you might expect.  I don’t even want to think about it.  To those who worried about us starving to death, he can cook one handed.

We took his mother to see Theater Charlotte’s production of Smoke on the Mountain for her 92nd birthday Sunday and had a blast.  It’s a hoot.  And if you went to hymn singing churches in the past, you’ll love the music and the characters.  The actors were amazing and some of that is due to the direction by Corey Mitchell, a former teaching colleague of mine.  He did an outstanding job of staging this play.

Off to the DMV today to renew my license.  That’s always entertaining.  Last time I eavesdropped on the citizen getting his/her gender changed on her license.  There is a procedure for that.

New socks are on the needles–a sad story for tomorrow.


2 Responses

  1. Steve, Hope you are feeling better! Jane says you can cook one-handed, but I bet that washing the dishes is impossible for you. Make Jane the chief bottle washer. Love your new socks. All the best to you all. BJ

  2. Great pics! I’m so proud!

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