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Sad sock story; otn

I am trying to have my own Sock of the Month club this year as suggested by Yarn Harlot.  I cheated and bought yarn—six balls of Sockotta from Discontinued Brand Name Yarns for only about $5 each, but one just makes a new resolution and moves on.  My grandmother always said God would get me for my sins, so check out above.  Steve’s new sock doesn’t fit.

Remember that I knit both on different needles at the same time.  The second one doesn’t fit either.

By now you would expect I could fit him.  I’ve only knitted him a bezillion socks.  The third one I cast on didn’t work either, so I decided to rethink.

I love the Sockotta yarn.  It’s the only Plymouth yarn besides their Galway that I have ever liked.   It’s 45% cotton, 40% wool, and 15% nylon.  The cotton is cooler for summer; the wool is long wearing; and the nylon is strong and softens things.  It comes in 100 gram balls (414 yds) and Webs has it for only $10.99.  It washes in the machine and wears very well.  I knit my first pair of lace socks out of it 100 years ago.

I finally decided that the problem was using my Like Jazz pattern with the cotton blend needed more stitches so the twisted stitch pattern could be accommodated.  Cotton doesn’t stretch the same way all wool yarn does.  I added stitches and cast on again.  Still too small.   I can hear Cristi saying, but didn’t you swatch it to check the size?  No, I thought I was so perfect that I didn’t need to.

Tore out the third one and he is getting a k2,p2 cuff with the occasional twist st.  I may burn this yarn before May is out.  And it’s all my own stubborn fault.  I still like the yarn.

One other error—same socks— dealt with the needle size.  In the US, we fudge a bit on needle sizes.  A size one needle may be a 2.25 mm needle or a 2.5 mm.  I like that Knitpicks sells both in my favorite needle.  I am a loose knitter, so I always buy the 2.25.  But—-the first sock I cast on for Steve was on my lovely Addi lace needle, size 1.  The initial try-on fit Steve quite well.  Just the first few inches of the cuff.  The second sock was knit on the Knitpicks needle.  Yeah!  The Addi is a 2.5.  Another opportunity to screw up was taken.  It’s like these socks aren’t meant to be.  Or maybe it’s the “Keep the Knit Queen humble” work of God.  Anyway, watch out for needle size US1.

I am still knitting on my green skirt.  But only a bit and only when I remember.  It is on track for an August finish when I plan to teach a class is designing and knitting a custom fit A-line skirt.

More later–


One Response

  1. Jane,
    I think these kinds of things happen to (in this case) awesome knitters so that the knitters that are working toward improvement can say.. see she has problems too. I know you will work it out. I really enjoy reading your blog.

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