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I rarely teach a beginning knit class.   Sandy and I divided the standard classes at the shop and she won the beginners.  Only if someone specifically asks for me or contacts me privately do I get to start people on this road to obsession.  Well, Casey emailed.

The group is four young professional women.  They have discovered this blog so I have to be discreet–something we really aren’t in class.  They work in the world of finance and numbers, a tricky place to be nowadays filled with lots of stress.  Knitting is just perfect for them.

They came to class excited and open and filled with laughter.   I don’t have to try to be funny and entertain in this class;  they have that under control.  The best thing about teaching anything is watching the light go on.  I love that they just bounce with glee when it happens.  They always send me home laughing.

When was the last time you heard someone exclaim, “That’s so cute,” when confronted with a diagonal dishcloth?  This group did.

Most of my beginners start to complain about their edges or a loose stitch, but not these guys.  They just embrace it and move on.  Foremost in their minds is what are we gonna learn next?  In between skills they tell me funny stories about the people in their lives.  Even Michelle was laughing as she told about trying to get her car fixed and the agent suggesting it was time to get her father involved.  That man was lucky not to lose his head!

Two of them have left for a week in Tokyo.  I explained that it is an old custom to always bring your knitting guru gifts of yarn from foreign lands.  Hope they are buying that.

The first week they just practiced garter stitch using skeins of ancient acrylic one of them had somehow acquired.  This week they bought yarn for a first project. Three are making diagonal dishcloths of 1824 Cotton for friends.  The married one is NOT interested in dishcloths!  She is making a scarf out of Malibrigo.  I got an email from her saying she will never knit with cheap yarn again.  You and I both know just how she feels.

The OTN projects progress slowly.  Most of what I am knitting is secret and I hate that.  The socks may just  be cursed and need burning.

More later–

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