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Square Project

I’ve always enjoyed modular knitting.  Lots of small projects equal lots of finishing lines.  These fluffy squares are adorable and fun to knit.  And the pattern is free.

Don’t stop with just this pattern though.  Look at all the ingenious things Frankie Brown has created and is sharing with us.  Much of it is kind of mindless and easy, but still very clever.

So what are these squares going to be?  Well, I don’t exactly know.  Maybe a pillow top.  Maybe the ends of a scarf or shawl.  I’ll decide when I finish knitting them.  I have one ball of Zauberball in the black, white, grey colorway.  I’m trying to get at least 3 shades in each square.  (After knitting a solid black one)  I have 5 knitted and lots of yarn left.  If I do a shawl or scarf, I’ll probably use a natural sock yarn as the body.

About the Zauberball.  I have every reason not to like it.  It’s a single ply, but is strong.  The wool in it must be a long wool because it is much stronger than I expected.  It has luster, like mohair, but isn’t fuzzy.  If I had to guess, I’d say Wensleydale, but I don’t know.  The color repeats are very long.  Much longer than Noro.  I may buy another to knit a shawl and just let the colors play.

It’s a size 4 needle—actually it’s 5 size 4 needles.  You can knit this square on magic loop, but it just seems more natural on dpns.  I haven’t knit on dpns in a long time and I am enjoying that also.

I’ll let you know what I do with the squares and how I decide to join them.  Those 10 st circular pieces she designed also look like fun.

More later–


One Response

  1. I’m just curious…how did you end up connecting these? I’ve read the pattern and am intimidated by the finishing. Any suggestions? I have the zauerball yarn and am wondering about pulling the squares together with a one color sock yarn. I’d love to do this, I’m just worried that I will have the squares done and get stuck. Thanks.

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