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Look What I Got

With only a bit of guilt,(I practically begged for it), I accepted a lovely gift from Casey and Michelle who went to Tokyo after some beginning knitting lessons.  Lookee!

It has crochet and knit patterns and uses one of my favorite stitches (PKOK) several times.  The crochet patterns really grabbed me.  They are so delicate, yet don’t seem to use cobweb weight yarn.  My biggest criticism of crocheted garments has always been that they seem clunky.  I have crocheted delicate doilies in my time, but that time was my teenage years when I had younger eyes.  It’s hard to believe now that I could even see those tiny hooks.

Maybe this first--and I don't even wear hats. But this . . .

Knit camisoles--Why not?

Here's another

This makes me want to try crochet again. Love the collar.

Definantly first--Must learn the fringe.

The patterns are all charts and numbers, so a knowledge of Japanese is not exactly required.

Pattern info on yarn and gauge

Large schematic and stitch instruction

Chart detail

Yoke chart--crochet

Sandy Harris, at Charlotte Yarn, is a crochet whiz, so I may have to set up a lesson to get some pattern reading help, but as a life-long learner, that’s no problem.

I am just blown away these two students would pick this up for me.  I also loved Casey’s  stories about knitting on the plane.  She needed a stitch holder and just cruised into the galley and asked for chopsticks.  A true knitter.  She also picked up some beautiful chained cotton yarn. I may have to cruise a few manufacturing sites just to see if I NEED any of their product.  Thanks again, Casey and Michelle; you’ve made me very happy.  🙂

More later–


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