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Thank you, Charlotte Yarn Customers

I don’t really work for Charlotte Yarn—unless lots of staff goes out of town at the same time. Well, Harriet and Sandy were both off to vacation and play last week and I spent two days on staff. I had so much fun.

At the end of the day, when I sat down with a Boston Ale, I noticed that my feet hurt and my brain was fuzzy (before I drank the beer); but I never even thought of that during the day. I met a bunch of new people. Patsy was in Charlotte to visit her brand new granddaughter and I helped her assemble a sweater she had knit home in Minn. Pam arrived from Florida to visit her daughter; I greatly assisted her in spending large amounts of money on Blue Heron Yarns. One of Sandy’s neighbors dropped by and learned how to make fringe.

I never make it to the Wednesday morning knit-in for some reason–Can you say lazy? Working that day I got to catch up with Chris , Chris, and Renate. Renate is always a fount of knitting wisdom, especially about socks. That day she was knitting a shopping bag out ot some kinda fancy yarn from her stash. We teased her about knitting a bag for evening or cocktail shopping.

Thursday, my day off, I dropped in to knit some with Vicki and Linda, two of my intrepid test knitters. Stayed four hours! It was important to be there Thurs. because our faithful UPS man brought Remi’s order of Jaggerspun Zephyr–the Mother of All Lace Yarn. I grabbed two skeins of charcoal for the Sowerby shawl on display and one of Marine Blue for something. We called Chris to let her know the yarn had arrived and she drove over at record time and bought the rest of the Marine Blue. She’s worried about having enough for the Sowerby shawl, so I promosed to share if she needs it. I’ll start on the grey.

My knitting camp next month will feature Nancy Bush of Estonian Lace fame, among other things, so I ‘m sure I’ll come home with lots of ideas.

Friday also brought Gina in to work on a new shawl. I told her how I cheat on nupps. Maybe I’ll even learn to do those at camp. Purl 7 together still just seems plain wrong to me.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who came by and shared the time with us. I had a blast and am inspired to try several new things you suggested. Since it is Saturday, guess where I’m off to? Yep, I
have a class at 1:00 at Charlotte Yarn. Fun never ends if you knit!

When you go to the shop to see the Zephry, and of course you will at least look and touch, ask to see the color card. This 50-50 silk merino blend takes dye beautifully. B.J. was there Friday knitting
Jared Flood’s Juneberry shawl with Zephyr in the DK weight. This was my first time to touch it and it is very nice.

More later–


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