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A Tale of a Pattern; OTN

I know I’m overdoing the writing of my patterns. Overdoing is my middle name.
But I would far rather try to give you more than you need than have anyone feel the way I did yesterday.

I’ve still not quite figured out what to do with my Berroco Seduce so I bought three more skeins. (all Charlotte Yarn had) I also bought a pattern from from a designer on Ravelry. It was a jacket/vest with a neat collar and ruffle; I was eager to see how she designed the collar.

I paid my $6 and downloaded the pdf. What I got was beautifully laid out–nice graphic design–but it was of less use than the raglan generator at knittingfool.com would have been. It was just a few basic directions for a generic raglan sweater with a ruffle picked up around the outside. Not even any guidance about how to successfully do that.

About the cute collar and the slope of the front edge that attracted me to it? Not a word. I can only assume both were the result of a clever and stylish drape done by the photographer.

Yes, Ravelry hosts many amateur/beginning designers (moi). That is one of its strengths. But this designer has a group of followers and has been published in reputable mags. I feel justified in expecting more than I got for my money.

Oh well–I’ll figure it out for myself and have fun doing just that. But I will also continue to overdo my own patterns and tell you tips and explain things you may already know and take honest, if not really great, photos. Otherwise, my protestant guilt would overcome me.

On My Needles:
1. My new hat pattern that I am excited about–This one is for me in purple.
2. The green linen skirt plods along and I’m fine with that.
3. Pink/purple socks.
4. A simple lace scarf with a few beads–destined to be a new free pattern.
5. A throw for my den made of a gazillion yarns from my stash anchored by some Collinette that I’ve had forever. Not sure I like it, but it is using up the stash.

Provence–my favorite cotton

1. Some fair isle pillows
2. Yoke sweater for me out of CE Provence
3. Sweaters for the grandsons for fall
4. Felted clogs??? mine are worn out

1. It were cool enough to sit outside.
2. Days had 30 hours.

3.  I could have 30 dogs.  This is Linda’s new Teacup Chihuahua she brought to the shop last week.  Not at all camera shy.

There’s always something—-and I like it like that.

More later–


2 Responses

  1. WHAT is the yarn you’re using for the pink/purple socks??? WOW!!!! Just reached out ‘n grabbed me, KWIM? Help!! I’m in luvLuvluv!

  2. Plymouth Sockotta color 367. It’s wonderful.

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