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Dooley–A new hat pattern

Dooley $6.00

Why Dooley?  My undergraduate degree is from Emory University.  Emory has no football.  No major NCAA sports.  This is part of the requirements of our endowment from the Candler family.  Candler equals Coke as in Coca-Cola.  Yep.  Every time I drink one, Emory gets money.  You don’t mess with that kind of endowment.  So when I was there all we had was a soccer team–Emory Eagles–and in that day, no one had ever heard of soccer.

Pink Granite

So Emory needed a better mascot—and we had one.  Dooley was a mythical student who took the form of a skeleton and haunted the campus especially during the special days in spring.  Georgia Tech students kidnapped him at least once which gave us some street cred.  Anyway, he was fun (he dismissed classes at will) and we loved him.  Emory also is built of granite and pink marble–Georgia minerals–at least the original buildings.  I have a piece from an old construction site on my mantle.  When I saw the yarn used to design this hat was named Pink Granite, I got all weepy and named the hat Dooley.

Not a great story but it’s mine.  The hat is great.  It’s a slouch that can also work as a sit on top of the head model.  Vicki likes it best that way.

Dooley Upright

Debbie Carlson and Donna Richardson did the test knitting, so the pattern is perfect.

I used two ball of Rowan Purelife Revive in Pink Granite and 32 inch circs in sizes 6 and 4.  The Magic Loop technique I used is great for easy visibility and fitting.  All you need to do to try it on in process is just slide all the stitches to the cable.  Tidy.  And it has a great, complex looking stitch that is dead easy to knit.

Pattern is $6.00 and available at Charlotte Yarn in hardcopy, and here and at Ravelry as a download.


2 Responses

  1. It’s good to know that I probably support half of Emory’s English department with my Diet Coke habit. I like having an addiction that actually helps others.

  2. YEA, Jane! Another fun hat that’s great for cold, windy winters! Thanks for the history on Emory too — sorry I don’t drink coke – nice of the family to do the endowment thing!

    Have fun at camp!

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