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Back From Camp

Nupps unblocked! Purl 7 together.

Look! I can knit nupps (rhymes with soup). That was my main goal as I headed to camp and I did it—thanks to the great Nancy Bush.

Besides nupps, we learned Estonian braids and knitted the following sampler

Jay's sampler labeled

Shelagh's sampler

What can you do with a small sampler?

Betty and Aileen embellish commercial mittens.

We learned two kinds of nupps–lace ones as above and non-lace ones as on my Estonian Button Stitch socks. Then we really looked closely at Estonian lace patterns.
This is my sample.  Note the cast on which is much easier than the eloop I had been using for lace.   I used Hempathy for my class sample because I love it and it has “bite” to hold the eyelets open; this is such a great yarn for warmer climates.  Unfortunately I used size 3 needles, and they were too small.  This is only three lace patterns and I plan to knit some others–at least finish the ball, and I’ll try a larger needle when I do.  I do think the nupps are too large in this yarn.  Maybe they should stay in a lace weight yarn–or fingering.  This is sport/dk.

Nancy was amazing.  She is so well prepared; she’s spent a lifetime studying Estonian knitting and culture.  Her stories were entertaining and interesting;  if she leads a group over there, I’m definitely going.  She didn’t want her picture posted–after a certain  age, who does? But this one captures her joy as she approaches class and it is quite handsome, so I’m sharing it.  She is a magnificent teacher and you guys know I don’t say that about many people.  I learned so much this year and I can’t wait to share it.

This is the Crown Prince shawl from Lace Knitting in Estonia, her latest book.

Hundreds of nupps

I didn’t want to interrupt what Nancy was saying to ask for the bottle to be moved.  It does give a scale reference, and the whole table references the focus we put on food and drink.  Mary Ellen always brings great chocolates and Nancy rewarded us for good behavior by sharing a giant Estonian chocolate of dark chocolate and hazelnut.  Ymmmmm.

This is the Leaf and Nupp shawl from the same book.  (Blurriness due to moving camera;  you can’t look at these shawls without trembling with envy.)  I’ve started it and it’s fun to knit, but isn’t really public knitting.  The women of Haapsalu would not be happy with my shawl because it is Zephry yarn from Charlotte Yarn in Malibu Blue.  Not really traditional.  But it is going to be beautiful.

The last class was about Vintage Socks.  I don’t have any pictures, so I’ll save comments until I receive some from fellow campers.  Learned some excellent cast ons and will probably put them together with some of the braids for a sock cuff.

More later–


4 Responses

  1. I’m digging the Leaf and Nupp shawl. Remove the lacy edge and you’ve got one awesome pashmina. I have purple and blue, so maybe in a red or cream color cotton?

  2. Gorgeous! If I only had the energy to plan something!!!!

  3. those are incredible! Also, I love the Dooley hat!

  4. I will keep this in mind. You know I love to knit for you.

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