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What I Bought at Camp

Handknit Estonian Gloves

These gloves were knit by an Estonian woman and sent to American with Nancy Bush.  Nancy sells these, mittens, socks, etc., for these women to supplement their income and make their lives better.   Most of the items are very colorful and include lots of braids and colorwork.  I choose these somewhat minimalist gloves because they were beautiful and because they fit my hands, my short, stubby hands, perfectly.  It felt very good to do something to help a knitsib in another culture.  Here’s some closeups:

Both sides of the gloves

Eyelet pattern on glove top

Precise fingertips

Pattern on the thumb

Braid and cast on

I paid only $40 for these which was a great price I thought.  Take a look through Nancy’s book Folk Knitting in Estonia and you will see lots of examples of the mittens and socks with all the beautiful colorwork.  If you are interested in buying some of this for yourself, get in touch with Nancy Bush at her website,  www.woolywest.com.

Tomorrow I’ll share the other non-yarn item I bought from a very clever Mother-Daughter duo who come to camp each year.  You will love it.

More later–


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