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August 4th.  Next Wednesday.  Knitcircus magazine, Issue 11,  goes live with one of my patterns in it.  Yeah, I’m excited.

Some time ago I wrote about this magazine.  Some very talented women from Madison, Wisconsin created this magazine, and it has such a great spirit.  I wrote a fan letter.  I had to.    Like Charlotte Yarn, this was first about community and then about business.

Knitcircus was successful as a slick paper, booklet size magazine.  You can still get some of the back issues in that format.  By becoming an ezine, publishing costs can be spent more creatively and the audience is growing and growing.  It is exciting to be a small part of that.

So what’s my pattern?  Socks.  They have a pretty eyelet rib for the cuff, and an amazing heel.  Wait until you see the photos they took.  These are my distortion of their photos because I’m not allowed to show anything until after the big unveiling.

But there is so much more—

This issue is the “biggest and best ever–24 patterns, interviews with

Soulemama, Adrienne Martini and Cat Bordhi and a new column by Wendy

Johnson of Wendy Knits.”

Jaala, the driving force and nurturing editor, has announced Giveaways!  She calls it a  “giveaway-palooza we’re organizing as part of our Fall kickoff. We’ve got lots of free patterns and subscriptions to give away to blog readers, plus knitting and sewing books and hand-dyed yarns.”

Stay tuned for more info on this, and check out turtlegirl76’s blog.  Cristi loves a giveaway.  Surely you already read her.  Tabby Tuesday is like a comic strip only better–and I’m a dog person.  And then there’s the knitting stuff.

You know, I have resisted submitting patterns to anyone because of the delay between creation and sharing.  Now that I’ve been blessed with friends who want to test knit for me, maybe . . . . .

Anyway, please join me next Wednesday to read the articles and check out all the patterns.  Wait.  Go on over and check out the summer issue.  Just click on the Knitcircus graphic in the sidebar.  You might see something interesting if you check out Jaala’s blog.


7 Responses

  1. and you deserve it! can’t wait to see/read it

  2. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it!

  3. That is wonderful! I can’t wait!

  4. Yeaaaaahhhh! *me doing Kermit arms*

  5. Congratulations! Great to have you join us. I’m excited about this issue, too.

  6. Congrats!!!!

  7. I can hardly wait to buy a copy of Knitcircus.

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