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Sev[en] Circle and BJ

I thought I was clever using the natural curl of stockinette stitch to create my Grecian border (see tutorial page above).  But Kirsten Johnstone trumped me big time.  BJ brought her Sev[en[ Circle to the shop this week and we all flipped.  It’s a scarf, a necklace, a gift, an opportunity to try new yarns and  . . . .

it’s free on ravelry!

Like Liesle, I missed this earlier while 305 other people made and posted it.

This pattern is bone simple–Cast on, join, knit, do some bind off, the cast on again, knit, etc.  Beginners can make it, You can knit it in public, while watching a TV movie, at the pool, maybe even on a treadmill– and then amaze people with its cuteness.

And did I mention how simple it it.  Therein lies the genius.

I bought Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn in the everlasting colorway #8.  The pattern gives the stitch numbers for sport and lace wt. yarn.  I’m using numbers midway between them, but I think the sport weight would work just fine for a sock yarn.

Here’s your assignment.  Look it up, download the pattern, grab some yarn and cast on.   Then let me know what yarn you are using and even share a picture.

I’m not terribly happy with my yarn choice for this project.  I do like how the long repeats look, but I’m not as thrilled with the texture of the yarn.  BJ used Mini Mochi.  I suspect the smoothness of Zauberball’s spin would look really good.

Kirsten has a beautiful blog and she designed the Japonica Cravat that I like so much.  Check out  the blog here.

Oh, BJ also knit this Damson by Ysolda Teague.  Pattern here and yarn was Zephyr in the dk weight.  Gorgeous.


2 Responses

  1. My friend Cathy made Seven Circle, and it is so cute! I’m not ready…other things on the needles.

  2. She brought the seven circles to guild and we all loved it. I said that it looked “like a very Jane thing to knit.” I know you would rock that as an accessory.

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