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On the Needles

I got the laptop back when Steve came home last week, but haven’t gotten my writing mojo in gear until tonight.  Here’s an on the needle update:

Leaf and Nupp Shawl from Nancy Bush’s Lace Knitting in Estonia.  I’ve done enough for you to get the idea.  It really may be more large scarf size when finished, but I’m fine with that.  I love any leaf pattern I have ever seen, especially this one.  I’m so proud of those Nupps.  Yes, a few will need some secret repair, but most are whole and perfect.  That’s a big step forward for me.  Dorothy who is in the Daybreak Gold Knitalong has recently been to Estonia–covet, covet– and said yarn was very lovely and inexpensive.  That’s reason enough to go.  This won’t get much work in the near future, but more on that later.

Nope, that’s not a black and white photo.  It’s in full color–only there isn’t much.  I finally finished–don’t you love that word?–my Puffy Squares from the Zauberball black and white fingering yarn.  Yes, I fiddled with the colors a bit at the end to prevent a solid black piece.  Now to decide what to do with them.  I envision a scarf with four of these on each end.  Maybe all eight on one end and a plain finish at the other.  The problem is finding a yarn with a similar luster to the Zauberball.  This too goes to the back burner.

The knitting is finished.  The yarn was from Kate and I’ve lost the band.  But it is thick and thin and even the thin is pretty thick.  I knit seed stitch on a size 13 needle–just a 17″ square.Then I embellished with a smooth cotton DK yarn.  The “bow” or “flower” is a rectangle woven on a 4×6 Weavette.  Then there is backstitch.  I have an old remnant of upholstery material which will compliment the neutral embroidery.  I have an old pillow that needs a new cover.  No excuse for not finishing this and adding it to my den immediately.  Don’t hold your breath.  But I love it.

Here’s my Daybreak Gold shawl variation.  I stuck to the pattern for at least three inches and then remembered that I hate unshaped triangles.  So I decided to add short rows and shape it.  Just made up a plan and did it.  I don’t love what I did, but what I wrote down was what I should have done and I will test that on the other end.  The Knitalong started at the shop last Sunday.  We had a blast, all 13 of us.  It’s not to late to join us;  check the Charlotte Yarn website.  Next time I’ll take the camera.

Could not resist starting a sev[en] circle after seeing BJ’s last week.  This is a pleasure to knit.  No brains are really needed.  Love that about it

Zachary’s gansey is graphed and I’ve knit one inch of the back.  I’ve been doodling on a sweater for Steve.  The green linen skirt still just lies there.  And the Seduce jacket has taken an interesting turn.

Still other projects which I cannot show yet.  Obviously I have a problem.

Today I shook myself by the throat and yelled, “Get a grip!”  I need to FOCUS before I self destruct.  So–I have packed away some of the projects.  I will continue to work on the Knitalong–that’s my job and the group is great.  I will keep the Seduce jacket available.  I will finish the new socks on the needles.  Then I will look at the others.  Ah-h-h.  That feels better.

Aren’t you glad you aren’t ADHD?

More later–


7 Responses

  1. How about a little bag with the puffy squares? You could use another yarn to knit little strips to connect them with, and a gusset piece. Line it. Could be cool

  2. Oh I like turtlegirl’s idea about the bag and the puffy squares. I love the blue scarf and the nupps. Will you bring it to our next KAL so i/we can see the Nupps in person?

  3. The pillow cover looks great and such a good idea when you have a small amt of a yarn you like — the bow and stitching make it really interesting.

    The puffy squares are so fun! I like turtlegirl’s idea too. Another way you might use them in a scarf is 3 on each end and then 2 close to where you’d wrap a scarf at the neck and add a slit between the 2 puffy squares so you can pull one end of the scarf through it. I’m finding that making scarves where I don’t have to fiddle with wrapping them around me and keeping them in place and looking good makes it easier for me ‘grab and run’ in the early morning!

    Oh and the nupps are on my list to learn — the leaf pattern is lovely!

  4. I love your ability to set a project on the back burner, and return to it. If I back burner something, it’s over. Which is why I force myself to be a pretty monogamous knitter.

    Ooh! The pretty! Side-tracked! Oops.

    The nupps are lovely, and I really like that Seven Circle. I’m afraid to start one yet; it has to get in line…

  5. you are one busy lady! great work!

  6. I love the puffy squares pattern and found it at ravelry.
    I’d like to try it with the magic loop technique. Do you know if there are instructions for this pattern translating it from dp needles to magic loop?

  7. I started it on magic loop but quickly went to dpns. Since there are four sides, it made sense to use four needles. For magic loop, just put half the sts on one and the other half on the other. I’d use a marker in the middle of each set to keep the sides separated. Good luck.

    Sent from my iPad

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