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Wrestling with Seduce–still

About that jacket in that Berroco Seduce which was the most gorgeous yarn I had ever seen and I lusted for it for over a year before yielding to temptation—ya da, ya da, ya da.

In July I said I hadn’t quite decided what it would be. 

I drew this and liked it but then was diverted by the idea of designing a yoke sweater.  Amy Herzog said in her marvelous Fit to Flatter series that I would look good in a yoke sweater.  So it was to be a yoke sweater–

Voila a yoke.  I managed to deal with this briefly only to determine that you are probably not capable of designing a yoke sweater pattern if you have never, ever, knitted a yoke sweater.

Thus it became a hybrid raglan that turns into a set in sleeve which I have theorized about repeatedly.  I wanted to add a solid something to it as in the drawing.  I was moving toward a different idea entirely.

This had possibilities but I already had the shoulders started and I was tired of taking it out.  I just kept on.

I posted it as a cardigan jacket on Ravelry updated with this picture. And with this paragraph . . .

This yarn has obsessed me, has been swatched repeatedly, and finally I just cast on. I am attempting to explore a better raglan sleeve and an unstructured jacket with very open stitches–mostly stockinette, with wide rib bottom.

The V neck was not great coming out of the raglan neckline.  The wonderful wide rib drew the whole front to the back and left the “girls” and my tummy as the main view.  I really couldn’t get the shoulders to stay centered on my shoulders, and the back hiked up for some strange reason.  No, I did not even consider quiting.  Nor burning.

Pick up and add on was the battle cry.  And I did.  I really like the collar.

The cotton on size 5 needles in seed st does not complement the open stockinette of the Seduce.  The add on merely emphasizes that the Seduce isn’t cooperating and somehow emphasizes the large areas of my body more so that just letting them be exposed.  It was just heavy–aesthetically heavy.  But I really like the collar.

There comes a time when you have to take drastic action.  But I’m not quite there yet.

I’ve frogged all the plum cotton including my lovely collar.  I’ve frogged the ribbing and and am restarting  just below the armhole with some increases to flare the bottom.  The sleeves are going–it’s back to a vest.  I like vests.  I have a new long sleeve purple turtleneck that will look good with this vest.

I haven’t taken a picture yet, but I promise I will before I frog this plan.

Next time you wonder why a pattern costs so much, think of this.  I’m not sure drug companies spend this much energy on a product.

I still like this yarn, but maybe not as much.

More later–


2 Responses

  1. what the heck is frogging?

  2. When you rip-it, rip-it.

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